Simple Guidance For You In Customized Tracking Software


Customized tracking software provides an unlimited amount of customization with endless possibilities. Each project, team and company is different. Some project management tools ask you to make a compromise and change the way you work. Quickbase is designed with no limits to customization. With our Cloud-based tracking software it is easy to create your very own web-based application from the scratch with easy to use menus, a visual editor, and a smarter app-building approach that only focuses on point and click functions.

When using our customized tracking software guarantees that you can manage projects precisely as you need and follow your company’s process completely.

Customize your personal solution to meet certain needs using task driven options that help you keep track of your progress to provide driven functionality that helps your team in moving along with a project. Our service allows you to create the best project management app for your requirements.

Sometimes processes may change. Our service allows you to make changes at any time to match your production. Using real-time to update frequently without IT or coding.

Our customized tracking software allows you to customize:

  • Looks, colors, maps, pictures
  • Emails, calendar reminders and message alerts
  • Charts, reports, dashboard and widgets
  • Role and permission options


Get ideas with an adjustable, shareable project dashboard


Get organized with a more detailed project agenda


Get started on similar projects and tasks

Team Cooperation

Cooperate with anyone, anywhere at any time

Portfolio View

Track progresses all across different projects in your portfolio

A solution for commercial, government, education and humanitarian organizations with local, national, and international abilities is to Track. Control. Improve.

Our company’s solution manages Condition, Service, Warranties, Service orders and Labor as well as Check-in, Check-out services.

Inventory solution management can track item’s quantities by each Lot, Total quantity, or each serialized item’s movement and activity.

It is necessary to have the availability to track important information in real time. This Work In Process solution tracks Work Center movements and Labor Start and Stop times.

Our company packages can be changed to fit your certain needs using out in house technical team members. Software for the workstation, mobile, web or cloud are available.

When at your Workstation, our platform can be used in Chrome, Edge, or Safari browsers. Our software includes No install. No download. No plug-in. features.

When using a cellular device, our software app supports, online/offline, signature capture, GPS capture/monitoring, scans barcodes, and takes pictures.

Our company works closely with barcode and RFID companies to make sure our softwares compatibility and performance is on a greater number of scanning equipment. Both 1D and 2D barcode labels can be produced and printed as well as scanned using our mobile app on a barcode gun, tablet, or cell phone.

Companies that already use our services include:

  • unitech

RFID scanners and doorway systems track movement and location.

Case By Case Studies

Our solution has provided different software packages at the same time, in real time. Shipment history and breakdown is also provided.

NUCO replaced the existing ERP system with a full ERP package that can be customized to your needs. The Full ERP software with all modes was installed.

Fiberbrite had a special tracking issue that their other software could not solve. Our software created a custom module to track and fit the detailed criteria that was requested.