Steps to Improve Your Local SEO Ranking 


In our increasingly tech-based world, an online presence is everything, or close to it. As such, SEO is important when trying to drive up business. But much of the SEO information available online is focused on increasing national or even international website traffic. Those strategies may not be very effective at getting local attention.

It’s easy to think that more traffic is better, but if you’re a business that operates on a local level, then what good does it do you to have website visitors from hundreds or thousands of miles away? Columbus SEO company provides genuine SEO tips to improve your Columbus Local SEO rankings.

Keyword Research

First of all, like any SEO strategy, it’s key to think of the types of services your company offers, and how best to advertise these services to potential customers. But to improve local SEO rankings, you need to think locally. So when doing keyword research, try adding some nearby cities and municipalities to your search queries to see what they return.

It’s true that adding these more specific refinements to your keyword will likely result in a significant reduction in the amount of search volume. But don’t worry about that. Any professional SEO will tell you that it’s not always about the amount of search volume, but the relevance of that traffic.

For instance, 50 people searching for “pest control services in New Jersey” are much more likely to become local customers than 10,000 people searching for “pest control services” from the UK. So these types of keyword considerations are a great way to direct local traffic to your site.

Social Media Presence and Checking Out Competition

Social media can also be another valuable tool for improving your local SEO rankings. For instance, planning, promoting and sharing local events on Facebook and Twitter can help build your visibility among some of your most valuable customers and regions. You can also use it to interact with customers. Perhaps you’ll find some key demographics your competition is overlooking, and take advantage of that oversight.

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customers and potential future clients, which can help you discover more services to offer and advertise, and new ways to promote them.

In addition, social media makes a great way to see what the competition is doing. Investigate competitor’s sites to see what kinds of things they are doing to build business. This can especially be important if you are a new company trying to break into a region with established competition in the field.