Gamer platforms to earn money


Gaming is one of the most common and best ways to earn money today. It’s not that complicated and there’s many ways to go about it. You get to enjoy video games while earning some extra money. Who wouldn’t want that? But one should also know where and which gamer platforms to go to when trying to pursue a career in gaming. Luckily, there are lots of them out there.


One of the biggest entertainment platforms out there can also be used to earn some money. Gaming also happens to be one of the biggest genres on YouTube today. There are different types of content you could do on YouTube Gaming. You could do walkthroughs to help newer players learn how to play a game. Walkthroughs help guide people through areas they’re stuck in and puzzles that may be too hard for them and want to already move to the next area. You’d be helping a lot of gamers.

You could also do some speedruns if you’re that good at a game. Speedruns help gamers finish games as fast as they can and help with some achievements that require you to finish a game at a specified amount of time. That means speedruns serve as walkthroughs for some as well. It could also be somewhat entertaining to see someone expertly dodge all the enemies and ignore resources just to save time.

Some also do guides on online games. They teach other players and their viewers how to play specific heroes. They do guides and show the best way to play the game like which is the most efficient farming route, how to counter certain heroes/weapons, how to properly layout your game, etc.

Streaming Sites

Streaming is also one of the most common ways for gamers to earn money. Streaming sites are the gamer platforms for those who prefer to do their stuff live without having to spend hours on editing, rendering, processing, and uploading. They could spend hours gaming and streaming and not have to worry about how long editing and uploading will take.

Twitch is one of if not the biggest streaming site out there. It started all the way back in 2007, believe it or not. Now, it has nearly 10 million streamers and most of them are gamers. All of which could also do the above mentioned activities. Walkthroughs, speedruns, etc. Best part is your viewers can directly donate their money to you as a way to show their love and support to you and hope to help you continue making content.

For mobile users who wish to stream their mobile games, there’s an app for that as well. Omlet Arcade lets you stream whatever you’re playing on your phone. This is what most Mobile Legends and Call of Duty Mobile gamers use when they want to stream. There’s some restrictions but if you buy some in app items, you’d be able to use those items for your streams.


Gank is perfect for those looking to earn money and meet new gamers as well. You could have people hire you to play with them. There are multiple reasons for people to hire you. They may need a carry to help take them to the rank that they want. They may need a coach who could help them improve. Maybe they just want to have someone to entertain them while they play or are looking for party members to take down a difficult boss.

It’s so much better than being all alone. Playing alone can be fun but it can get repetitive through time. Gank can help you freshen things up in your gaming life.