Technical SEO And Why It’s Important


What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is improving the technical elements of a website in order to boost the ranking of its site in a search engine. Making a website quicker, easier to crawl and high-quality are aspects of technical SEO.

Search engines want to ensure their users with the best quality for their search queries. Therefore, Google’s robots crawl and evaluate a website on a variety of factors. If your website has high technical quality, you’ll be rewarded with a better ranking website. However, if you have technical faults, it can cost you greatly.

Here, we’ll go through a couple of necessary aspects of a technically SEO website:

It’s fast

As people are impatient and don’t want to wait for a page to open, it’s important that your website is quick. Research has shown that fifty-three percent website users will leave if a website doesn’t open within three seconds. Thus, if your website is slow, you’ll risk the prospect of missing out on traffic.

Google understands that slow web content creates a bad user experience. Therefore, a slow website will find itself further down the search results, leading to even less traffic.

It doesn’t have dead links

What may additionally be annoying for users, is landing on a page that doesn’t exist. If a link ends up in a non-existing page, people will encounter an error page.

What’s more, search engines don’t want to seek out these error pages. In addition, they’ll tend to find even more dead links, as a result, they will follow every link they find.

Unfortunately, most sites have dead links, as an internet site is forever changing. However, there are tools that can assist  you in finding dead links on your webpage.

To prevent unnecessary dead links, you should redirect the URL of a page once you delete it or move it.

It doesn’t confuse search engines with duplicate content

If you have the same content on multiple pages, computer programmed bots may become confused. If these pages show the same content, they won’t know which to rank higher. Therefore, they could rank all pages lower.

Unfortunately, you may be unaware that you have a replica content issue. Because of technical errors, different URLs can show the exact content. For a user they won’t notice a difference. However, a search engine can.

It’s secure

An optimized website is always secure. Making your website safe enough for users to ensure their privacy is a huge requirement. There are countless things you can do, to make your website secure. One of the most critical things is implementing ‘HTTPS’.

HTTPS makes sure that no-one can intercept the information that’s sent over between a browser and a site. Google understands the importance of safety and made HTTPS a ranking signal. Therefore, these web-pages will rank higher than dangerous web-pages.

You can quickly see if your website is secure or not. Next to your URL, you’ll see a lock symbol. If you see the words “not secure” you’d need to fix it as soon as possible.