The Best of Cosplaying for Your Choices


Do you feel like cosplaying but not sure where to start? This is quite common, in fact. On the internet, it is possible to see extremely realistic cosplays with an impressive overproduction, however, it is not as difficult as it seems.

To prove it, today we brought some tips that are essential for those who want to do the first cosplay. Check out. In you can find the best options now.

Choose a character that has to do with you

Choosing a character is the first step, but it should be done with caution. Don’t choose a character just because he is successful or because it is easier. Choose one that you really like and that has to do with your personality.

Cosplay is not just putting on clothes, but really getting into the character, feeling and behaving like him. You can also use your creativity and make some changes, like a female or male version of the character.

Research the character

After choosing, research a little about who you will impersonate. Some of them undergo changes not only in their clothing but also in their behavior over the years.

So, if you’re going to interpret it, pay attention to details and analyze the story. When necessary, choose a stage in the character’s life and focus on it.

Test your makeup in advance

Currently, it is possible to find cheap and good quality makeup, but some characters end up demanding a little more work in this regard, as it can be tricky to find the colors or even materials for the texture you need. Some even need other materials like special body paints. So, there is nothing to leave for the last minute.

Use the internet to search for brands and websites to buy what you need. So you can even save. Then, just test the makeup at home to see how long it lasts until you need to touch it up and also to see if the final result will be as expected.

Assess how much you can spend on your first cosplay

It’s okay that some people can spend a large amount on cosplay, but that’s not a reality for everyone. Have a spending limit, then just assemble your character within this limit to not have any surprises afterwards.

There are some clothes that can be bought ready-made, but the tip to save is to buy the fabrics and sew them yourself. If you do not have such skills, look for someone who does this kind of work – in this case, you can also ask someone who is already cosplaying.

Don’t forget comfort

Cosplay events, such as Anime Friends, for example, usually last a few hours and you should take this into account when assembling your character. Very warm or tight clothing can become quite uncomfortable, as well as heavy accessories.

So, as much as aesthetics is important, for you to make the most of it you need all yourcosplay to be comfortable. This is not always possible, as some characters require you to sacrifice comfort to achieve a better result. However, do everything to be as uncomfortable as you can.

Be careful when transporting clothes and accessories

You planned all yourcosplay, made it the way you wanted it. It is not on the way to the event that you will carry it anyway, is it? Check in advance how you will get there and how you can safely bring the accessories.