The Best Service to Check your CPS


With the platform that we will discuss in this article, you will be able to verify the mouse click speed, both for a single click or for the clicks made in a certain time interval (in seconds). All the platforms that appear on the internet have a different method to test your mouse click speed. And there is such a big choice, that it may be hard to select the option that works the best. Therefore, we decided to help you and show you one of the best services for this. This service provides click test 5 seconds options.

The Best Program to Check the Speed of your Clicks

We will start discussing the CPS Check service. This is a very simple program for testing mouse click speed. The platform gives you a range of 5 or 10 seconds. In this period of time, you make as many clicks as you can. To use it, you just have to click on the “START!” Button. At that moment the “CLICK!” button will be enabled. There you will have to immediately make all the clicks you can in the range determined by the timer.

You will be able to visualize the number of clicks in real-time. At the end of the timer, you can see the number of clicks made. If you are not satisfied with your results, you can start again. Also, you may simply want to make a new record. The program is free and available for Windows operating systems. Also, it shows if you are good in terms of the number of clicks that you have done. It is done by comparing your results with the results of other people who were using the service to test their CPS. In total, we can say that is a very simple and comfortable service.