How Artificial Intelligence(AI) plays a crucial role in the healthcare system?


The scientists believe that AI technology can modernize the functioning of the healthcare systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has helped mankind to perform various tasks without any hassle. AI has a profound impact on various segments, out of which Healthcare deserves a special mention. The healthcare industry is the segment that needs a lot of improvisation and modernization on a day-to-day basis. This is to enhance the working mechanism of the hospitals and to help the doctors in making an efficient decision. 

As we are in 2020, a lot of industries have digitalized their business and we can find similar trends in the health industry as well.  It has been found in most researches that most healthcare facilities do not have adequate provisions to maintain the status of the patients and there is a lack of a comprehensive strategy to govern data. In other words, the healthcare system lacks a proper database structure which could help in data management for future treatment of the patients. 

The introduction of AI technology has added a new paradigm to the healthcare industry. Chrono Life, a medtech company has added a new dimension in the field of diagnostics for making an efficient decision. The benefits of AI technology are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence advances healthcare accessibility– 

One of the unfortunate things that we witness is that most developing countries are lagging when it comes to incorporating new technologies in different spheres. Healthcare innovations are still lagging and patients living in remote areas don’t get adequate medical support. But AI has enhanced helped the patients to comprehend the disease symptoms and receive adequate treatment. 

Helps in revealing symptoms of the early disease- 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in storing data in a single place and therefore it helps the doctors in keeping a track of the patients. They can review the current and previous health status of the patients. This allows the doctors to understand the past and present situation of the patients which helps in deciding the future course of action. These databases can store millions of information on the symptoms and also helps in predicting the future health problems which a person might face in the long run. 

Can aid in saving costs and time- 

One of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence is that it has reduced the cost and time needed for finding out the disease and diagnosing them. AI has the potential to recognize indicators to measure the severity of the illness. Besides this, AI algorithms are highly cost-effective because people can now avoid visiting labs for doing expensive tests. 

Can support mental health- 

Patients can get support not only from nurses or medical staff   but also by AI robots. One of the breakthrough innovations is the Exoskeleton robot that assists patients in doing their daily tasks. For example, these robots can help a paralyzed patient to walk again. These robots have in-built capabilities to provide positive support to depressed patients.