The portable and effective Davinci vaporizer


Today, there are plenty of vaporizers. Only the best vaporizer comes with tons of benefits. This handy tool is a must-have equipment. The best portable vaporizer available on the market is the Davinci vaporizer. With temperature control and other smart features, it is easy to use. There are variable heating features and precise control for this vaporizer. Using the vaporizer is effortless as you need to turn it on and put in the substances you want to inhale. There are much more features of the Davinci Vaporizer that might be useful for you. Let us take a look at the features of this vaporizer.

  • The design and appearance 

The Davinci vaporizer is a round-rectangle shape that is 3.45 inches in length. They are available in plenty of color variations. You can choose between the grey, black, blue, copper, and olive green versions.

Its shape is similar to the battery of your Smartphone. The vaporizer comes with a flat mouthpiece, and it is chunky in design. The mouthpiece of the vaporizer is removable as you can clean it when it is necessary.

The vaporizer is changeable through a USB port or works on batteries. The flat design of the vaporizer makes it easy to use. You can fit it in your pocket, purse, or even a small travel bag. It is portable equipment that can be taken anywhere. 

  • The battery and power 

The Davinci vaporizer has a concealed battery in the bottom. It works on batteries and through USB ports. You have the chamber to put the substance and an additional chamber to infuse flavor. The battery cab provides put to one hour of power to vaporize the materials. 

The working hours of the vaporizer depend on the usage of temperature and battery power. The battery, the body, and the chamber of the vaporizer is concealed with ceramic material. It can provide you with the assurance that it is safe to use the equipment. 

  • The controls and interface 

The Davinci vaporizer comes with three buttons on the right side of the IQ. There are three buttons one to turn on and turn off, and another is to control heating modes. There are controls to activate the boost mode. You can put the IQ to a maximum temperature of 430 degrees.

There is also control to set the preset mode and change the temperature according to the preference. The interface of the vaporizer is modern and stylish. The LED display of the vaporizer makes it easy to use the controls. There are several modes that you can control with the LED display. There is also a storage mode that helps you to store ground substances in the vaporizer. 

  • The different modes and app

There are two crucial modes in a vaporizer that is a smart path and precision mode. The Smart Paths are preset modes that help you to heat the substance at the temperature you desire. You can experience the effectiveness of the active substances when intensifying the heat in this mode.

In the Precision mode, you can set the in 250 to 430 degrees. In this mode, you can use the boost feature to increase the heat. You can control the entire Davinci app through your Smartphone. The app informs you about the temperature rate, controls, and other details of the vaporizer. 

Conclusion  The Davinci is the best working vaporizer in the market. All its features show their excellence. Consider the features to know their benefits.