How to Run a Digital Exhibition


Digital exhibitions have been around since the early 2000’s but have only recently started to take off as people realized that it is possible to create exhibitions and events online with less technology and fewer organizational steps involved comparing to doing this in person. Recent lockdowns related to the pandemic also stimulated companies to look for more alternatives to traditional events, including platforms for virtual exhibitions. This article is intended to help you understand how to run a digital exhibition and give tips on what to do in order to create your own online gallery, event, how to promote it and what you can do at an online event.

1. Preparing for Your Digital Exhibition

There are many ways to host your own digital exhibition. One of the ways is to use a WordPress blog along with several plugins that you can install yourself without much hassle and without having to hire a web developer or spending money on fancy websites. A few of the plugins are free while others have a small fee associated with them but it’s nothing big.  In fact, hosting your own digital exhibition can cost you less than a typical in-person one. Also special digital event platforms have emerged recently that provide its users with all the technology necessary to create and host events online.

2. Benefits of Hosting a Digital Exhibition

There are many benefits to hosting a digital exhibition, as well as advantages over in-person events. Easy access means anyone with the Internet connection can see your presentation from anywhere in the world. This cuts out the need for travel, accommodation costs and makes it cheaper overall for exhibitors and attendees. Another advantage is gathering statistics that can be obtained from the views data – such as views on each piece presented, where the views are coming from, when the views took place, etc. The statistic can reveal the current public interests and preferences, let you know what segment of the viewers have interest in your product.

3. Ideas for What You Can Do at Your Event

There are many opportunities to create an event that reaches through to everyone. You can host a special event where visitors can interact with the host and each other, ask questions and express opinions. Well-prepared presentation of high-quality content seminar will be able to draw public attention. Consider gifts, discounts or lottery for early or most active participators. The event can include activities such as contests, interviews, workshops.

4. How To Promote Your Event And Get People To Visit

It is very important that you promote your digital exhibition as much as possible in order to get the right people to visit, look around and see what you have to offer. Post about the upcoming digital event on the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Create a nice-looking flyer to put up around the city in places where other digital exhibitions have been hosted before so that visitors know where to go when they are interested in joining your event. Consider industry-specific chat rooms, channels, forum threads.

5. Conclusion

Hosting your very own digital exhibition is an effective way to share your work with other people around the world. It creates new opportunities by connecting with the others who are just as passionate about the matter. All it takes is some time and effort to get it up and running, so don’t be afraid to try this new approach.

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