The Various Google AdWords Bidding Strategies 


Over the years, Google AdWords bidding strategies have evolved. However, there are various core bidding strategies found in Google AdWords. The flexible bidding strategies have made it even more confusing as to which type of bidding is available and the way it works. 

There are in fact multiple options of bidding available in Google AdWords which you can choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): If you intend to optimize conversions, Cost per Acquisition should be your choice of bidding strategy. When your goal for the campaign is driving conversions, you can go ahead with selecting Target CPA bidding as it will focus on converting users at a particular acquisition cost. It can appear as complicated for you if you are not aware of your acquisition costs.
  • Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): This bidding strategy is known for throwing most for a loop, because it involves maths. In this strategy, Google will set your bids to increase conversion value that is based on return that you expect from your ad spend. The number is completely based on percentage.
  • Maximizing Conversions: Offered by Google AdWords, it is considered as one of the simplest bidding strategies. By making use of the daily budget set by you, bidding will automatically be ran by Google to help you with the most conversions for your money. However, before opting for this strategy, you must set your daily budget amount at a level which you are ready to spend. As the campaign gets over, you would need to check the return on investment in order to find if maximizing conversions can bring profitable sales.
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC): By using this bidding strategy, Google may boost or lessen your bid amount on the basis of the possibilities of driving the sale. The bidding will try to be settled out at the settings of your max cost per click. If Google finds a search too competitive, and the CPCs are extremely high, there are chances that the bid gets lessened to cost by Google as the chances of converting gets decreased. 
  • Maximizing Clicks: This strategy depends on the basis of your maximum daily budget. The target of the Google Ads is to drive maximum number of clicks with your daily budget. 
  • Manual CPC Bidding: With this, you can surely have more control over the strategy; however, you certainly have to spend more time to monitor the costs. With the help of this strategy, you can set bids for variety of ad groups or placements all by yourself. If certain campaigns turn out to be more profitable than the others available, you can go for a quick adjust of budgets in order to add money or confiscate from other campaigns.

There are many other bidding strategies other than the ones mentioned above. Nevertheless, you need to choose the ones that go as per your goals. Also, do not forget to assess your goals before selecting any bidding option.