5 ways to recover data from a dead PC


It can be a very daunting task to recover deleted data out of a dead PC.  Incidences like this happen all the time and it can be agonizing sometimes. In most cases, your PC might not be able to boot up properly and in any case, it might get to boot unexpectedly. The best way to salvage the data from the drives is to connect the drive to another system however, you might be surprised that all the data is lost. This might trigger certain anxiety however this should not be a reason to worry as there are data recovery options that will get you just what you want.

Boot in safe mode

The first thing you should do once you experience data loss is to try and boot your PC in safe mode. Incase you are using windows 7 or 8 then make sure that you boot your PC while pressing F8 repeatedly. Incase you are able to boot in safe mode then make sure that you use your windows explorer to find the files then copy them to an external drive.

Boot from external CD or flash drive

If the fist hack doesn’t work then try booting a free Linux OS from a live CD/DVD/USB. It is recommended that you make use of a bootable USB drive. You can create a live Linux as this allows one to boot without even having to install it on your machine.

Use the HDD on another machine

Remove the HDD from the rack then use it as an external drive on another PC. Use SATA-USB adapter to turn it into an external drive. In case the hard drive is not SATA compatible then try other interfaces such as IDE or PATA and you will need a compatible disk enclosure or cable to connect the hard drive.

Use data recover software

Whenever you have exhausted all your options and resources then it might be recommended to make use of a data recovery software. Raid data recovery is one of the best data recovery tools that is available. This data recovery tool is able to repair, recover and restore files, windows data from corrupt window partitions as well as severe corruption cases. It is also able to extract all deleted files and folders.

In addition, raid data recovery is able to retrieve data from a removable USB drive, external hard drive and micro SD.