There are Wonderful Projects for Laser Cutter Owners


Laser cutters are capable of doing so many more things than a person might think. Yes, they cut and cut and cut. But how a person uses that precise cutting ability is what makes this a great piece of equipment to own. A person might purchase a new laser cutter for one project or one use and then discover many more projects are possible now. Laser cutters can be used with materials including most organic materials, acrylic, metals, and more.

What Materials Will Laser Cutters Engrave or Cut?

Laser cutters are able to cut many different materials depending on the type of laser cutter purchased. A fiber laser has a different IR wavelength that lets the waves be absorbed by reflective metals more completely than a Co2 laser. This makes it able to process materials such as:

  • Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, cobalt chrome steel, copper, nickel-chromium alloys, and more
  • polycarbonates, White/Black ABS plastic, carbon fiber, nylon, magnesium, diallyl phthalate, and other materials

Co2 laser cutters are great for use with organic fibers such as:

  • Wood, wood veneer, paper, matte board, cardboard, pressboard, and other materials
  • Acrylic, polyethylene, Corian, melamine, Delrin, styrene, mylar, and other plastics
  • Anodized aluminum, treated metals, silver, titanium, and more
  • Leather, fabric, ceramic, cork, fiberglass, glass, rubber, marble, granite, and more

When purchasing a new laser cutter, do a little research, and read product descriptions and capabilities carefully to make sure the laser will cut or etch the materials you plan to work with. Go to Boss on Facebook for information on all the different laser cutter types and models. Purchasing the correct equipment for the projects planned is the first step to success.

Possible Projects for Laser Cutters

Lasers are capable of helping manufacturers, hobbyists, artists, educators, and others accomplish multiple projects they may be planning. Lasers can cut labor, time, and waste on multiple projects. The intricate and exact cuts possible with the right laser cutter allow a person to accomplish a level of detail never possible before. And, for those who want to create an item by the dozens, lasers make everyonejust the same over and over. A skilled artisan could spend hours or days carving the same piece that a laser can produce in minutes to the artisan’s exact specifications.

Some projects lasers excel at include:

  • Rubber stamps for stampers and hobbyists or for business identification or messages
  • Sign engraving on many materials
  • Woodcutting and engraving
  • Engraving on stone, glass, metal, fabric, leather, and wood
  • Making models with different materials. Making puzzles
  • Metal cutting and etching
  • Education and classroom projects
  • Photo etching
  • Artistic creations
  • Cutting multiple parts to be combined into one product

Laser Cutters Can Produce Parts for Projects Using Other Equipment or Techniques

Remember laser cutters do not have to create the whole project, they can be part of an integrated manufacturing process. An artist can create a part of their creation with laser and the rest with the talent they have for painting, sculpting, or photography. A sign-maker can make the letters with the laser and use their woodworking talent to create the main part of the sign. The laser does not take away the designer’s creativity but lets it be expanded.

Since the projects are basically designed on a computer, the creator can program a high level of intricate details for the laser to accomplish. The laser helps a person’s vision become reality. If the design is not perfect, they just correct the design on the computer and try again.