Tips for Managing Online Customer Reviews


Running a successful business can be daunting. From marketing your products to handling customer complaints, this can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, you still have to offer exceptional services to get more positive reviews from your clients. Sifting through a wide variety of comments can be another stressful ordeal, but you have to do it anyway. Managing customer reviews is critical in a business, and how you handle feedback matters a lot.

Here are tips to help you manage customer reviews better:

  1. Pay attention to customers’ opinions

Monitor all customer opinions and mentions of your business on various online platforms. Also, keep checking review websites using Google alerts. Some will inform you via e-mail when you have new reviews. Go through both negative and positive comments, and use the negative ones to better your services for enhanced customer satisfaction.

You can as well go a notch higher and show how your clients are satisfied through on your website. They will merge different eves and opinions on your site, and give you a seal of approval as the best service provider.

  1. Generate more reviews

Although you may have many happy customers, only a few will take their time to review your business. Others will wait for you to request them to do so. Keep generating more reviews by signing up services that e-mail clients to share their viewpoints. Such a technique will help you amass more reviews and can link the database of your clients, enabling you to know the customers who send them.

  1. Respond promptly

Hire someone to manage your site and other social medial platforms. You’re likely to have different customers sharing their opinions and asking questions about your products, and it’s critical to respond promptly.

If you take too long to reply, clients feel unappreciated, and you can quickly lose a substantial number of them. Moreover, respond to both negative and positive comments and try to explain how you plan to fix the issue. If possible, invite them back, and for a discount or free services.

  1. Avoid taking things too personal

Not all reviews will be positive, you expect some negative ones, and they may leave you discouraged. But, don’t take this too personal, instead, use them to better your services. If possible, contact the clients and get to know in detail why they weren’t satisfied with your services. Think of ways of offering better services in the future.

  1. Promote your reputation online

Have a call to action button on your website as well as other social media pages. This way, you’ll prompt visitors to read and write more reviews. The best way to go about this is to design a web page that lists all your reviews. Have it updated automatically or link your business profile. Moreover, add links to your reviews in your newsletters and promotions.


Customer reviews are valuable for any business, and you should encourage you, clients, and visitors, to share their opinions about your business. However, it’s also wise to learn how to manage online reviews. Remember, they can build or break your business.