There is another way to market your products


Your market is becoming ever-more competitive and complicated. It is much harder to cut through the noise of multi-media advertising and distinguish yourself from your competitors. If you have invested heavily in online marketing without getting the returns you need, it may be time to go in a different direction. Conventional wisdom suggests that online marketing is the best way to expand your consumer base. This is not necessarily the case. Your particular target market may be much more open to older forms of marketing. Sending them an ad flyer may just do the trick. But you will need to update the exact form and content of this type of the material.

Video Brochure is like a traditional mailer. It is light and can easily be slipped through a mail chute or into a mail box. There the similarities end. Instead of people having to read about your latest sales and offerings, you can make a direct pitch to them through a video. The Video Box you send out to current and prospective customers will have a real video ad—with graphics and sound—that can be designed to capture the attention of the person who opens it.

There are some advantages to using a video mailer. The most important of these is that it saves people from having to read text. Images rather than words are the dominant medium of the 21st century. People are most likely to respond to a message sent to them through video rather than one that they have to read. Another great advantage is that you can cut one video for multiple video brochures or you can create different videos to appeal to particular audiences. This will give you enormous flexibility to customize your message so that it appeals to the right people. Finally, making a video brochure will allow you to reach people in the comfort and intimacy of their own home. They will not be so harried and rushed to get the import of your message. The person who opens the video brochure will likely be the person you are targeting. They will be able to take their time to listen and watch your video if they are at home.

To cut an engaging and effective video, you must work with a vendor that specializes in this sort of marketing tool. You should work with a vendor that can partner with your company and collaborate with your marketing team to produce a world-class video. You will only get one shot to make a good first impression, and you need to with a company that knows how to achieve that goal. The vendor you work with should also be willing to work long-term with your company. You may need to make changes or adjustments to your video to better appeal to the people you want to buy your products. This can take some time, and the vendor you work with should be willing to put forward the necessary effort. You should expect and demand nothing less than this.

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