Thrive Technology’s Game-Changing Demand Forecasting


It’s impossible to predict the future, but it might have just become a bit easier thanks to technology like that used by Thrive Technology to helps their clients with everything from demand forecasting to tactical supply chain management. Promising clients increased inventory profitability, Thrive Technology is ideally suited for multi-location wholesale distributors and retailers. Utilizing a next-generation, cloud-based demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and inventory optimization software and services, Thrive Technology works at the ground level to help firms realize greater profits and fewer costs due to inaccurate demand projections and languishing inventory. To achieve this end, Thrive Technology’s platform uses what the company calls a “goal-oriented” management system that uses system learning to increase clients’ fill rates and inventory returns.

Demand Forecasting

Working at the point of inflection for many companies when it comes to increasing revenues and capital efficiency, Thrive Technology’s leading demand forecasting technology delivers accurate and actionable data that companies can use to make strategic decisions on a day-to-day, medium-term, and long-term basis.

Inventory Improvement

Thrive Technology’s system works towards inventory improvement using an analysis of your logistics and supply chain to fill in any gaps in your current stocks as well as suggesting ways to smooth out any bumps in performance.

Return on Investment

All of these features combine for a noticeable return on investment for the end client. In fact, the company guarantees just that within 90 days or your money back.

How does Thrive Technology offer these kinds of advantages to their customers?

Thrive Technologies aligns its offerings with four main principles including alignment, measurement, precision, and proactivity.

Alignment refers to the harmonization of a company’s strategic goals with its capabilities. Thrive Technology’s services seek to optimize a client firm’s strategic goals with its technological infrastructure such that the two work together in lockstep towards a stated and viable business horizon.

Measurement refers to Thrive’s reliance on data and analytics to both drive technological development as well as offer deep insights into a client’s behaviors as well as what future direction their tech needs to take to accommodate the needs of the market.

Precision is distinctly tied to Thrive’s forecasting engine that the company claims is improving existing accuracy by 20% and cutting down on lost sales due to inventory gaps by a full 50%.

Proactivity refers to Thrive Technology’s unique ability to take charge and offer immediate, actionable advice and data to help clients prevent lost sales before that can even become an issue. Thrive says that this aspect of its technology helps clients more accurately predict inventory levels for better coordination with vendors as well as overall improved management of the company and its capital resources.

With its access to nearly unlimited computing power and almost as limitless amounts of data, Thrive Technology is helping clients achieve growth and efficiency that would have previously been denied them due to technological or financial constraints. Predicting the future will likely never be possible, but Thrive’s work in the areas of combining high-end technology with cutting-edge inventory management might just fool you into thinking they have done just that.