The Latest Phone and MacBook Cases



Good cases can prolong the lives of your phones and MacBooks. The latest phone cases and MacBook cases can also help you personalize your gadgets. There are plenty of them sold online now and they offer protection as well as a variety of designs that will surely fit any personality. These are the most noteworthy ones, though.

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Best Phone Cases

Abstract Vibes Phone Case

This nude pink and pastel ensemble is very easy on the eyes and quite a good match for any outfit you are wearing. The abstract prints denote a cheerful vibe without looking too campy. It is a good fit for any age. As with all artworks, if it speaks to you, you need to get it.

Dino Babe Phone Case

If you are a little bit of a rockstar and you like the contrast of pink and black, the Dino Babe Phone Cases might just be your style. Of course, simply liking neon pink, or dinosaurs for that matter is a good enough reason to get this very stylish phone case.

Honey Bee Phone Case

Bees make really good nature prints for these flesh background phone cases. They are an easy match to almost any outfit and bees always bring the cheery vibe of summer. If you like Beewarm in Roblox, this is also a quick reference without making it seem like you are an obsessed fan. It is a young enough print for teenagers but also a mature enough print if you’re a professional, but a fun one.

Rose Gold Marble Phone Case

While not as loud as its companions, the Rose Gold Marble Phone Case is a good choice if you are looking for something that’s a bit more classic. There’s just enough contrast between rose gold and mint in there to make it interesting without making your phone look too adventurous for its own good.

Best MacBook Cases

Cow MacBook Cases

Among all MacBook Cases, the Cow Macbook is the one that is constantly in demand. How can you go wrong with mad spots and a black and white contrast? Cow prints are adorable no matter what age you might be in. They are also very easy to match with any of your corporate or weekend outfits.

Noir Agate Macbook Cases

If you like contrast and you enjoy classical nature patterns, the Noir Agate MacBook Case will surely be a sophisticated case for your MacBook. Despite the subtlety of the patterns, however, this case has a lot of personality.

Giraffe MacBook Case

Are you a child at heart? If you have always liked giraffes, this MacBook Case is the perfect excuse to always have giraffes within your sight. The baby pink background and the yellow giraffe repetitive prints make for an interesting pattern. While this is not for everyone, it is actually one of the most popular MacBook cases right now.

Passion Fruit Martini MacBook Case

This is the perfect MacBook Case for a girl who loves to have a lot of fun. Want Martinis? While it’s not great for your body if you sip this the whole day, you can have these prints on your MacBook to spice things up.

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