Low cost bitcoin dedicated servers


Are you finding high performance dedicated server? You are searching in the right place. You will get the dedicated resources for big traffic websites. Here you will get it at the low-cost which other servers in the market available at the high cost. We have bitcoin dedicated servers that are available at the low-cost with highest level of control. The servers using CPU have intensive application and complex database that helps to access big traffic on the websites.

Best value bitcoin dedicated servers

Server THC-KS-4 is available with the 16 GB RAM with 1000 mbps. The CPU consists of intel Xeon with 3.1 GHz+ with 4 cores and 4 threads. The disk software RAID is 2×2000GB HDD.

SERVER THC-32-1 has CPU accessibility with intel Xeon with 3.2 GHz+ with 4 cores-4 threads. This server has 32 gb ram with 2×2000 GB HDD disk. It has 250 Mbps bandwidth with 16 IPs.

Server THC-HOST-64H is available with the CPU accessibility intel Xeon E5 with 3.7 GHz. It also has accessibility of 3 cores and 8 threads. This server has 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM with 250 Mbps bandwidth. It has 128 IPs with disk 4×2000 GB HDD software RAID.

SERVER THC-32-2 server is that bitcoin dedicated servers with has 32 GB ram with DDR3 ECC. It has 250 mbps bandwidth with IPs 16. The CPU capacity has intel Xeon with 3.4 GHz with 4 cores and 8 threads.

Server THC-32-3 has CPU accessibility of intel Xeon with 2.2 GHz with 4 cores and 8 threads. It has 16 IPs with 3× 2000GB HDD hardware RAID. It has 32 GB ram with 250 mbps bandwidth

All the above bitcoin dedicated servers are available at the lowest rate. These servers have various features that make them different from unmetered dedicated servers. These have full access, unmetered bandwidth, RAID storage, operating system, control panel, Rapid provisioning with free dedicated IP. 

You will also get 24×7 customer support service. If you have any query to use or update or to configure out the system than you can contact us any time. Our expert team is always available in your service with any issue you get from across the world.

You can easily configure these servers as compared to other servers available in the market. These servers have the highest level of control with high performance and security. You can pay for these servers through bitcoins.