Using Google Analytics To Understand Your Website’s Performance


How do you know that your website is performing optimally? Are you attracting the right audiences consistently and getting them to perform desirable actions?

If you are wondering about the effectiveness of your website, then you are not alone. Many website owners do not have adequate data collection and tracking systems to make inform decisions about their web’s design.

Interested to find out how to track critical metrics on your website, then this article is for you. Introducing Google Analytics, your introductory tool to web data analytics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the quintessential data collection and analysis tool for websites. The free version of the tool can be installed by simply inserting its tracking code into the header of your website. From there, Google Analytics will start to collect basic data about your website.

Several reports can be accessed within Google Analytics.

Audience Reports

For starters, we recommend that you first look at the geographic and mobile sections under the Audience report tab. These inform you of the location of the users who visited your website as well as the type of device that they were on.

Two critical insights can be taken away here. Firstly, whether your website is reaching people in the right areas, and secondly whether most visitors are seeing the desktop or mobile version of your website.

Acquisition Report

Another report that you should pay close attention to is the acquisition report. Within it, you can find information about the types of inbound traffic to your website. Specifically, data will be shown if you have had visitors from organic search, direct, social, referral and email.

Other than the breakdown of the types of traffic to your website, you can find out how each type of traffic behaved on your website on average. For example, you can see the number of revisits, bounce rate, pages per session, session duration as well as goal fulfilment.

Behaviour Report

The behaviour report can be considered to be slightly more advance than the first two. It details out the performance of each page of your website. Metrics covered include that of time on page, entrances, bounce rate and exits.

In addition, you will find page load speeds in comparison with the average loading speed of your website.

The behaviour report helps you to identify weak pages on your website that require changes. However, the challenge lies in that the report scales in complexity as your website grows in size. As such, for websites with many pages such as ecommerce sites, understanding the behaviour report can be a challenge.

Conversions Report

If your website is tracking conversions or purchases, then the conversions report could provide valuable insights. In particular, you can find the path that visitors took before they converted on your website.

Additionally, for ecommerce stores, you will be able to learn about visitors’ purchase behaviour such as the number of visitors who:

  • Viewed product
  • Added product to cart
  • Abandoned cart
  • Completed purchase

Getting An Effective Website

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