Four Tips to Help You Reduce Load Time On Your Business Website


When it comes to the business world, every second count. For this reason, entrepreneurs strive to ensure that they maximize their time and that of their customers without wasting a second. However, regardless of your efforts to make sure that all time is well spent, your website could be working against you. When you have a slow loading website, you not only attract fewer visitors but also cause customer dissatisfaction and loss in conversation.

On the other hand, the slow loading page could harm your SEO rank. Luckily, with the right techniques, it is possible to increase the load time of your website, thus improving your business. Here are four tips on how to achieve this.

Optimize The Font and Size of Your Images

Using big and clear images on your website is one way to attract more traffic. However, some of the images that you use could end up causing more harm than good. This is especially if the images you are using take much bandwidth, thus increasing the time that they need to load. Therefore, when uploading images on your website, use tools that will help reduce their sizes without losing quality. Additionally, it is advisable to stick with the standard image formats, as this will not affect the load time.

Reduce The Fonts Used On the Web

With the high business competition today, the use of different web fonts has become popular to help make your website look better. Unfortunately, the use of these web fonts negatively affects the load speed of a page. This is because these web fonts add HTTP requests to other sources. If you have to use the web fonts, avoid overusing then, and use only those styles that you need. Additionally, including the character sets used on the site will also help reduce the fonts.

Reduce HTTP Requests

When you have a business website, you may need to request or respond to data from different networks. For this to work out, there will be a HTTP request, which will make the page you need to open. In this case, the more the HTTP requests, the more the time the page takes to load. Therefore, if you need to increase your SEO ranking by reducing the load time of your page, then try and minimize the HTTP request as much as possible.

Reduce The Size of Cookies

More often than not, you will come across cookies in various sites that help store data used in different requests. If the cookies are large enough, you will increase the loading time as data is sent to every request made. In this case, if you reduce the cookie size, you reduce the amount of data transferred, thus reducing the load time. This way, a visitor to your website will not have to wait for long before it loads.

The rate at which your website opens makes the first impression of your business. Additionally, it helps determine whether or not the customer will be back at the site again. Use the tips above to help you increase the load time in your site, thus luring more customers and increasing your SEO rank.