Want to Prosper Using Instagram Stories? Check This Out!


The vast realm of social media marketing platforms is now highly dominated by Instagram, and Instagram Stories on the platform reached an average of 500 million users daily in 2019.

This number is only rising in 2020, so how can you tap into the massive audiences engaging with Instagram with Stories?

Here are some trending formats that are most successful at keeping users tapping until the very end of Instagram story content.

What Type of Instagram Stories Receive Top Taps?

Social media marketing strategies rely on getting readers deeper into the funnel and closer to the buying process. So what story formats are readers most interested in engaging with on Instagram from start to finish?

Interactive stickers like quizzes and polling questions garner solid interest with Instagram followers. Even more popular is content containing short narratives that combine text, pictures and videos according to the platform’s data.

That being said, a combination of short story narratives and interactive content with a ‘rewarding’ ending is sure to reach an even broader audience.

Instagram Social Media Marketing: Narrative vs Poll Centered Stories

Short Narrative Stories

Short narrative stories are essentially articles that are visually transformed for greater readability on mobile devices. They are brief, to the point, often contain bullet points and related slide visuals that add to the story.

Long form articles can be adapted into shorter, Instagram-ready ‘teaser’ versions that include an outbound link to the rest of the story. This tactic can be used to generate website traffic or coordinated with HubSpot so users can continue exploring your brand without leaving Instagram.

Quiz / Poll Centered Stories

Using polls or quizzes alone or in unison with short stories adds intrigue and excitement to posts that potentially drives readers eagerly along to the final tap. People love sharing their opinions and testing their skills with quizzes.

They feel rewarded with the payout of seeing how their results compared to others at the end of the content. Furthermore, poll results can help your brand gain traction with readers by using the insights gained from user’s responses.

Social media marketing requires a solid strategy regardless of the platform utilized and hiring a professional management team to streamline these efforts might reap the greatest ROI.