Ways technology can help you find a cheating spouse


Are you suspecting your partner of cheating on facebook messenger? Well, you may or may not be right, but you should always look out for signs. 

Affairs are bad and will take the better of you, thereby affecting your relationship. It will harm your reputation and also ruin your relationship with your partner. 

Technology has advanced a lot, and several apps can make it easy for you to detect if your other half is cheating on you or not. Well, you must look out for signs. 

No wonder technology is very helpful, and it can help you cheat easily. But it can also help you understand when your partner is cheating on you. Here are some ways technology will help you understand if the partner is cheating on you or not. 

A hidden or locked phone

A locked phone is the first sign that your partner is up to something. Many people keep their phones locked to maintain privacy. But, if your partner refrains from sharing their phone or password, they probably might be cheating. Watch out if your partner is overprotective about their phone. 

Push notifications are a nightmare for cheaters because these can lay down the road for their text messages. If you notice the push notifications and suddenly your partner goes out for a call, please reach out to them immediately. 

Second Phone

Until and unless the current phone is damaged, why would anyone need a second phone? Cheaters often keep two phones to keep two romantic lives separate. However, the existence of a second phone might also be a sign of work or an emergency phone. 

Hence, you should watch out for what your partner is using the second phone for. If they keep it switched off in front of you and did not share its number with you, they probably are cheating. 

Cloud Services

Cheaters often send videos and photos to their other partner; this might often be intimate as well. Although they can bring forth a lot of information, they can also act as the probability for cheating or act as evidence of an affair.

If you want to divorce your cheating spouse, you need to check their cloud services constantly. These can provide you with enough evidence. If you notice that your partner has a Vault or KeepSafe account in their phone that you have no idea about, they’re probably cheating on you. 

Hidden messages

If your partner is tech-savvy and cheating on you, they perfectly know to hide messages and images. Moreover, there are several apps to help them with the same. You need to keep a check to avoid these. You won’t even notice that your partner is indulging in some kind of affair in many cases. Moreover, most of these files are protected using codes. 


There’s nothing in this world that can stop a partner from being loyal. Well, you must focus on the small aspects and analyse how to get over them. If you suspect your partner of being cheating on you, confront them. If they’re not guilty, move on with your life leaving them behind.