What are the mistakes we need to avoid when designing a good website?


As most people know website design is very important. A terrible website design affects the traffic of the website and the website bounce rate. Therefore, when we are designing websites, what should be considered?

What is shown in your banner?

Some website has a big banner in their home page, which is good for giving the long impression on visitors’ mind. However, some website owner put their company slogan or company culture on the banner. This is not helpful for the visitor to learn what your company does, what are the services and products in this company. Company superiority can not be present by the slogans on the banner but by a brief introduction about your brand, services, or products.

Does the website provide great user experience?

Website development is an important part of digital marketing. However, there are very few people consider the digital marketing strategy when developing websites. Most of the companies think the fancy design, Flash, or banner videos are the more the better. However, if the website design cannot bring a great user experience to users, the website cannot attract more traffic and avoid a high bounce rate.

Does the design follow design principles

Consistency is one of the most important usable principles. When everything is in a consistent form, users don’t need to worry about what will happen. They can predict what will happen after clicking certain buttons based on their previous usage habits.

The more designs fit users’ expectations, the more clearly, they will be in control of the system and will like the system more. On the contrary, if the system often breaks the expectations of users, they will feel disappointed.

Is there anything on your website that looks like an advertisement?

Selectively attract user’s attention is very important. Users of the websites have learned how to avoid paying attention to any ads that might block their goals of browsing.

Therefore, users often ignore the elements on the website which look like ads. It is wise to avoid any design that looks like an advertisement.

The following rules can be followed:

Ignore the banner: Due to the location and shape of the page where the banner is located, users will not focus on anything that looks like a banner ad.

Avoid using animations: Users will ignore flashing or jumping text or animations that are too intrusive to the user’s line of sight.

Purify the pop-up box: users will close the pop-up window before they even read the content of the pop-up box.

Can the web page titles be easily searched out by search engines?

Search is the most important way for users to discover websites, and it is also the most important way for users to discover personal website services. A simple page title is your main tool for attracting new visitors from search results and helping existing customers find the page they need.

A page title is content contained in HTML “title”, and it is also the most frequently used clickable title in the search result list. The search engine will display the first 66 characters in the title, so this is very short key content. The title of the page is often used as the default entry name added to the bookmark by the user. For example, the homepage of your company website, starting with the company name and keeping up with the brief description of the website, is a good choice.

For pages other than the homepage, start with the most prominent content, followed by a brief description of what the user will see on this page.Since the title of the webpage will be used as the window title of the browser, it will also be used as the content of the tab displayed in the taskbar, which means that advanced users will be in multiple windows, based on one or two words of the beginning of the title. If all your web page titles start with the same word, then you reduce the usability of users who use multiple windows.

There are much more rules for website design but only a few website designers or website developing companies consider them. If you want to know more about website design, WeBOOST is a professional website design and development company based in Melbourne, which you can ask for professional advice. If you are looking for an Australian website design, you can find them to develop with confidence.