What’s the Best Employee Monitoring Software for Mac?


Nowadays, as employee monitoring is becoming more commonplace, not having a tool that can help you optimize your business processes can put you at a serious disadvantage. This is especially true in competitive industries, where a tiny detail like how efficiently you do some tasks, can make or break your business.

This is why an increasing number of companies turn to employee tracking software as a means to easily collect performance data so that they could get the information they need in order to improve office productivity, secure their data, and automate some critical processes.

However, just getting any program for employee monitoring might not be a good enough strategy. The most important thing you need to do is implement a system whose functionalities align with your business needs and goals.

So, how do you choose the best screen monitoring software for your Mac computers among so many candidates? In order to help you with this, we’re giving you a list of the top three best systems on the market.

1. Workpuls

Workpuls is a program for employee monitoring which is easy to use and intuitive throughout the whole cycle of use, from installation, which can be done by using active directory or even via an email invitation, to its features and reports. Because of this, Workpuls is great both for remote and for in-office teams, and it also scales very easily with the size of your team.

This system is oriented towards productivity measurement, so if your goal is to improve efficiency and get your employees to be more productive in the office, this is probably the software for you. In terms of features, it offers productivity statistics for each employee or team, as well as productivity trends, timelines which can help you organize your team’s workflow effectively, biorhythms, and so on.

Apart from this in-depth productivity analysis, Workpuls gives you automatic or manually triggered screenshots, attendance tracking based on computer activity, the ability to manually enter the activities performed during idle time, etc. Another great thing about it is that this monitoring software also has some functionalities of a time tracker app, which means that you can also track time on projects, calculate billable hours, provide clients with proof of work, and more.

2. Teramind

Unlike Workpuls, Teramind is heavily oriented towards data security. If the purpose of employee monitoring is to protect your data, then this Mac program is the way to go. One possible downside to this system is the fact that it can be implemented for a minimum of 5 users, so it might not be the best choice for small teams.

Apart from having some general capabilities like activity monitoring and screenshots, Teramind also features screen recording, keylogging, social media and email monitoring, activity blocking, and even audio recording. All of this provides a huge amount of control, but some of these features can be a bit intrusive to employees’ privacy, so using them requires you to be extra careful. In terms of data security in particular, this employee tracking system has some advanced functionalities like insider threat detection, user behavior analytics and data loss prevention.

3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another employee monitoring system that also has a couple of time tracking functionalities. One of the advantages of this software is that it can be installed both on Mac desktops and as an iOS app, which could come in handy if you have field workers whom you wish to track.

Just like the other two systems on our list, Hubstaff has some general monitoring features, like activity levels, app and website usage, productivity analysis, optional screenshots, and so on. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, some time tracking capabilities are in this mix as well, like task tracking, project duration, budgeting, etc. In addition to these, Hubstaff also has the ability to keep track of employees’ geolocation, which can be especially useful in combination with their iOS app for monitoring employees who work out of office.


Now that you’re familiar with the three best employee monitoring platforms, it’s time to go and test them out. All of them have a free trial period, so it’s a good idea to use it so that you can see whether your chosen software is indeed the right fit for your company. And take your time, because all the business optimization benefits you’re aiming to get hinge on making the right choice.