Why is the 50mm prime such a popular choice among photographers?


The 50mm prime is a choice of many photographers. It’s a prime lens, and the focal length is considered close to what the human eye sees, which is why it’s considered a standard focal length. But why is it that the 50mm is such a popular choice among photographers? Let’s find out.

Make your move more and explore your creativeness

The 50mm is a fixed focal length lens, making you move more with your feet. Many of you may be thinking, how does that help? Well, if you’re moving about more, you’re exploring the creative side of your photography. You’re changing the angles and your perspective and exploring new avenues where you can use a fixed focal length lens. This ultimately makes you a better photographer.

It’s inexpensive

The 50mm prime is an inexpensive lens to own. Sure, there are versions like the 50mm f/1.2 and the 50mm f/1.4, which are expensive. But if you’re starting and need a standard prime lens to experience how it feels to shoot with it, you can get the fantastic 50mm f/1.8. This lens is also one of the most expensive lenses to boot. Both Nikon and Canon make a version of this lens, and beginners love it. It’s fast enough and comes with a good enough build quality, giving photographers plenty of joy shooting with this lens.

It’s easy to transport

A good thing about the 50mm prime is that it’s lightweight and, therefore, easy to transport. If you’re leaving town for a few days and love packing light, you can quickly push the 50mm prime into your bag, and it won’t take any additional space. Plus, you get the advantage of a fast standard lens that can come in handy in various shooting situations.

It’s versatile

The 50mm prime is a versatile lens. You can shoot portraits with it. Not that it’s the first choice when it comes to shooting portraits. But you can certainly use this if you know what you’re doing. The 50mm captures a bit too much of the area around the frame. Unlike the 85mm, this does not give you a tighter frame. 

The 50mm is an excellent lens for shooting street photography. Street photography pioneers like Henri Cartiere-Bresson have shot with a 35mm film camera attached to a 50mm prime for almost all their careers.

You can also use this lens for shooting travel images, food photography as well as landscape photography.