Why Laser Cutting is Preferred Over Other Methods


When working in the field of manufacturing and thinking about using any type of laser cutter for an upcoming project, it is only natural to wonder what benefits are offered. An individual may also wonder if laser cutting is better than more-traditional methods that involve the use of punches, dies, and other devices.

While it is possible (and recommended) to read reviews of Boss lasers, some well-known advantages are highlighted here. Knowing what these are can help someone decide if laser cutting is the right cutting method for their needs.

Precision Cuts and More Accuracy

Laser cutting uses a very small and powerful laser that provides a focused light beam to the material being cut. It offers a high level of precision.

Powerful lasers can melt and evaporate material using unmatched accuracy. In fact, most lasers have tolerances that range from 0.003 mm up to 0.006 mm for most machines. Compared to a plasma cutter, which only has a tolerance of around 0.02 mm, and die-cutting tools with tolerances of one to three millimeters or more, laser cutters come out on top.

If someone is handling a job where extremely high levels of precision and accuracy are needed, laser cutters will always be the best option. This is one of the top reasons that laser cutting is commonly used for aerospace engineering. Tolerances in this industry are usually very tight and variances prove costly when those tolerances are not met.

Reduced Lead Times and Reduced Costs

Another benefit offered by a laser cutter is that it is more affordable to use for limited-run projects. This is because laser cutters do not require any tooling that has to be modified or custom-built for a project. There are not any physical cutting surfaces that will wear out.

To create something using a laser cutter, all that is needed is the material necessary, the cutter, and the schematic that can be loaded into a computer. This helps to reduce total costs, even for smaller-batch projects. This is especially important compared to traditional manufacturing and tooling.

Also, laser operated tools have fewer moving parts. This reduces total operation and maintenance costs while keeping the cost of using the device much lower.

Handle the Most Complex Jobs

There are no jobs that are too complicated or complex for laser cutters. High-powered lasers can be used to work with very narrow areas of material, and it does not cause much distortion or warping on the area that is being cut.

When the proper schematic is in place, laser cutters can easily and quickly create extremely intricate cuts with a high level of precision and superior tolerance levels.

Top Reasons to Use Laser Cutters

When it comes to any type of cutting job, laser cutters make sense for many reasons. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to see why this may be the right option for an upcoming project. It is also a good idea to find a quality machine, as this will have a huge impact on the results that are achieved.