Why should you buy hashtags now?


Do you know that you can eventually make money by purchasing social media hashtags, particularly the ones used on Twitter? Investors who are active on lucrative NFT platforms can make a fortune by registering the right hashtags under their names. Of course, you know what hashtags are, and why they are used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tagprotocol is a platform, that brings you a brand-new approach to make money, and eventually grow your digitalasset. Rather than using hashtags only in advertising or gaining brand visibility, you would be booking these hashtags under your name.

Benefits of purchasing hashtags on Tagprotocol

  • On Tagprotocol, users can own hashtags as a unique NFT token. In the long run, mining of Tagcoin would help you get a recurring income. In order to make money with hashtags, users should be staking them. An intelligent system would evaluate the performance of these hashtags on Twitter. Accordingly, the rewards will be distributed to the hashtag owners.
  • In case you have been invest in cryptocurrency or bitcoin, you would be opportunistic about new avenues. In this regard, you should be knowing that all hashtags would be unique. These hashtags are to be registered with Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, you can be a special buyer with your own hashtag.
  • The urgency of investing in hashtags is evident from the fact, that one can secure a unique hashtag by registering early.
  • The better hashtag you choose to register on this ETH platform, the better rewards you can get. This is a long-term game, so make sure to choose the most potential hashtags and secure your future.
  • For instance, you may be a fan of Sylwester Stalone or Michael Jordan. When you register hashtags like #Rocky or #ChicagoBulls, the data driven approach would evaluate their performance. Later on, you might not be able to purchase these hashtags at the same price.
  • In case you do not register a hashtag now, and a collector does so, you may have to shell out a higher amount after three months or so.
  • Over time, the hashtags would grow in valuation. In future, you can exchange them for Tagcoins. This would help you generate a better yield. In case some other hashtag owner already generates a better profit by selling those hashtags, it implies that you won’t be able to obtain them at today’s price.

What makes Tagprotocol so popular?

    • NFTs are fully data-driven for the first time
  • First project involving the conversion of Hashtags to NFTs
  • This is similar to what cryptominers do
  • Twitter-based performance can yield hourly rewards
  • You can participate in auctions of NFT hashtags
  • With no presale, users can enjoy a fair game
  • A strong Tokenomic indicates deflation with halving every year

The best thing for hashtag owners is the fact, they can trade their NFTS for other Coin like cryptopunk on the decentralized technology. As a thumb rule, investors purchase assets when the price is low. Given that this is the first project of its kind, you should capitalize on the opportunities now.