Advantages of Using Squarespace Instead of WordPress To Build Websites


Squarespace and WordPress are tools used to build a website but both works differently. The former is a comprehensive package that includes hosting, drag & drop editor, plugins, as well as is user friendly and intuitive. No concerns to be tech-savvy to configure web hosting because backend activities are taken care of. Unlike Squarespace, WordPress is an open-source CMS that users can customize. For form building, themes, or drag & drop features WordPress needs a plugin. Unlike Squarespace, WordPress can be hosted on different hosting services.

Advantages of using Squarespace instead of WordPress to build websites

Easy setup

It doesn’t matter if you have or have not purchased a domain name. Squarespace helps to set your website with a few clicks and get going. No need for any downloads, extract files, or set wp-congif.php file. With the 14-day trial, you can understand the entire working concept of Squarespace. 

No plugin compatibility issues

For your Squarespace website, you will need to buy the Squarespace plugin without any concerns about incompatibilitiesThere is no need for coding knowledge and if you experience any issue the experts at Squarewebsites are keen to help. In WordPress, you will need to tweak codes of plugins or themes to repair the incompatibilities, which is frustrating. There is also no need to remember plugins and theme version updates, which ensures website security. 

No maintenance or backend worries

Squarespace has a group of developers that maintain the platform’s backend activities. Security updates and performance are managed skillfully. Customers don’t need to be concerned about security risks, version updates, or backend maintenance. 

No coding skills

The drag & drop feature of the Squarespace platform is great. There is no need to have coding skills but if you can it helps to create customized codes. WordPress tool does not offer a drag & drop feature, so there is a learning curve involved even if you need to make simple changes.


Using the drag & drop feature, you can create content and layouts of new pages with a few clicks. In WP, the creation of a new layout is time-consuming as you will need to tweak the template code first to build a fresh design. 

Round-the-clock support

Squarespace has a loyal support team available 24/7. Besides, you can check their extensive library that includes tests and videos. There is an open forum, which is extremely useful for all users. Even WordPress has a vast open forum.

Integrated out-of-box solutions

Squarespace has integrated YouTube, multiple social media channels, Mailchimp, PayPal, Acuity Scheduling, G Suite, Stripe, etc. The platform has incorporated many elements that are necessary to operate and maintain business with ease. All the hard work is done! 

In terms of themes, Squarespace has approximately 70 in comparison to 11, 000+ on WordPress. However, the themes on Squarespace look clean, sophisticated, and easily customized. WordPress themes can have compatibility issues and need users to mess with the CSS code. 

The cost of Squarespace and WordPress is calculated differently. Squarespace offers an inclusive plan that includes templates, domain registration, and hosting. WordPress is free but there are hosting charges. You need to pay for premium themes and best plugins even on WP. It means in WP, you pay separately. Thus, both have their strengths and vulnerabilities.