Why Your Site Needs an Ecommerce Search Feature


Individuals across the globe now turn to the internet when they need products, as they prefer to minimize their contact with other people. They worry about COVID-19 and possibly contracting it or unintentionally passing it on to a loved one. This has led to a boom in online shopping.

In fact, e-commerce sales approached $4 trillion, and experts predict this figure could go even higher in 2021. Ecommerce retailers need to ensure consumers can find what they need when visiting a site, and this is where ecommerce search comes into play. Every site needs this feature, as it is vital to the shop’s success.

More Conversions

Ecommerce retailers find adding a search feature to their site increases conversions. While these conversions aren’t crucial to the success of the shop, they do provide information about how well the retailer is doing. When a person makes use of the search feature, they are more likely to make a purchase and these purchases make up 14 percent of revenue for e-commerce retailers today.

These individuals want something specific, and the search feature helps them find it quickly and easily. They aren’t forced to wade through countless items they don’t want. However, the search engine featured on the site must deliver relevant results. It needs to go a step further and show related products and pairings to encourage additional purchases.


Customers love personal attention, and this is what the search feature provides on an e-commerce site. They see products they might like and this increases the shop’s conversion rate. More importantly, it increases the chances of the customer visiting the shop again. They know they will be able to find what they want without a lot of hassle, and the shop offers suggestions about other items they may wish to own. This ensures they don’t miss out on a great item they would love.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Intelligent search streamlines the shopping experience. It does so by helping the customer when they enter a search query. Autocomplete offers suggestions for products while spelling errors are addressed. This ensures customers won’t receive an error message but will see products they might like.

Retailer Benefits

The customer isn’t the only one who wins when a search feature is added to an e-commerce site. This feature provides information about user intent and business owners gain access to search performance analytics. The business can then make business decisions with less guesswork. Determine which items are best sellers and which aren’t moving with the help of these analytics. Use the search queries entered to see if customers are looking for items that you don’t offer but should be added to your product line-up. Figure out what devices are being used to access the shop and more.

Adding a search feature to your e-commerce site is no longer enough to ensure the shop’s success. The search feature needs to take it a step further and provide information about what consumers want while helping them find exactly what they need in little time. When the search function fulfils these two goals, both the customer and the business win.