New Technology on the Rise: What 2020 Has in Store for Smartphones


The year 2019 should be full of surprises in terms of new technologies, including the possible release of fully wireless chargers, the first foldable smartphones and the 5G network. Here are the products that should be released this year.

Foldable phones

In November 2018, Samsung offered a first glimpse of its next folding phone, indicating that it would be on the market “in the coming months.” The new gadget incorporates a technology called “Infinity Flex Display”, which allows users to open and close the device without any degradation.


New versions of the iPhone are still becoming the most anticipated gadgets of the year. 2019 should be no exception. This year, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting changes to the design of the device. Rumors are already circulating about the appearance of the next iPhone, even if none of them has been confirmed.

Wi Charge

Many phones can already charge wirelessly, however, chargers with this option still require electrical connection. In 2019, it will be possible to charge your phone wirelessly, thanks to the release of Wi Charge, a system that provides enough power to charge a phone in a room using invisible and secure light.

Oculus Quest

Virtual reality continues to be one of the most popular and fastest growing technologies. In 2019, this trend will continue with the arrival of Oculus Quest, the world’s first all-in-one game system designed for virtual reality. So, in the New Year, you can play from almost anywhere with just a headset and VR controllers.

The 5G network

2019 will be a year of major advances in the speed of wireless internet thanks to cellphones that will use 5G. Last year, Qualcomm President Christiano Amon confirmed that all Android providers work with 5G. It is therefore expected that the first smartphones using this network will be available soon.

Smartphones allow servers to take orders immediately, while watches send specific alerts, such as passing information between the room and the kitchen, confirming an order from the latter, or a real-time alert when a dish is ready in the kitchen or a cocktail available at the bar. In The Tech DJ you will know the best here.

New technologies in restaurants

To complement this approach to a technology at the service of restaurateurs, Galaxy Tab tablets have been installed in the kitchen, at the checkout and at the bar.

It is a remarkable communication tool that saves us time, guarantees reliability and quality of service.

For the owner of Who’s, Jean-Bernard Meneboo , the initiative is positive on all fronts:

“It is a remarkable communication tool between all the nerve centers of the restaurant, which saves us time, guarantees reliability and quality of service. It is also a design solution, ergonomic and fun, which facilitates and simplifies the work of our teams. Finally, it allows us to differentiate ourselves from other establishments and to maintain our avant-garde positioning with our customers.”

  • Reduction of waiting times, better marketing positioning, easier communication between team members: if the Who’s Bar is the precursor of such a deep integration, the initiative is promising for many establishments.
  • The project was made possible by the development of software allowing the coordination of all devices. The latter was designed by Apycat, already a specialist in touch menu and innovative digital solutions.

When chefs try their hand at cooking with Google Glass

If the future of Google Glass is now very uncertain, there is no denying the impact that this type of technology can have in many industries, including catering.