Working as a Gig on the CX platform: Voiz works


According to industry estimates the Indian freelancer market size is going to grow to a whopping $20-$30 billion by 2025 and a lot of this could be attributed to the pandemic outbreaks. Many companies have started building solutions in this space. The first in the CX industry is VOIZ. It is a CX market place where one can get a wide range of CX jobs to apply. 

The agents can choose the type of CX jobs like part-time, fulltime or one time and processes like inbound and outbound, email and chat support. Also, pick time slots they would want to work in the languages they are good at.  

Finding work on VOIZ

Creating an account on Voiz works is simple, there is an option called  “Find CX jobs” on the website. Sign up, get your profile up by adding your work experience education qualification, add your preference for language and time slots which you want to work, complete the KYC verification. After completing this, start applying for suitable positions. 

Once you have applied, companies will get notified about your profile, they will move your application to different stages of hiring like shortlisting, scheduling interviews or making an offer. The best thing about the platform is you would be able to see the stages you’re in for al the projects that you have applied in a simple dashboard view.

VOIZ has a chat feature so companies interact with you to schedule an interview. Then depending on the project, training also happens within VOIZ. They have their courses posted on the platform where you will be given a duration to complete the courses. The courses again can be pre-recorded or live training. The gamification makes it more interesting for the agents to take up the courses. Once the courses are completed you get certified, and you can start going live for a project and get paid. 

How’s VOIZ better than any other hiring portal?

Remote work

Flexible work timing

No usage fee

Self-serve portal

Secured payment

Overall this platform is great for those who are just getting their freelancing career started, for people looking for remote jobs and wants to work according to their convenience plus it provides opportunities for freshers and experienced people.