When the mobile phones were not common, children used to play with toys but since mobile phones are everywhere, the children have started playing with mobile phones instead of toys. This also has reduced the play time as they children are always watching videos or games on the phone. Physical activity which is every important for the children, has reduced. To transform your smartphone into a toy, the XWHEELS does the magic. It is a new smartphone accessory that comes with a telescopic frame and wheels that stick to the phone. XWHEELS is designed in such a way that all the smartphones are able to fit this accessory.

When the children start playing with phones, the screen time keeps increasing which is not very beneficial. XWHEELS is an accessory that lets the children watch their favorite videos and enjoy their favorite games, but with the wheels present on the accessory, allow the child to zoom around the house. Due to this, the child is able to get the physical activity that he is missing out on.

In the current times, there is a huge gap between the old toys and the technological devices that the children get to play with. However, XWHEELS plays the role of the bridge between the two. With this mobile phone accessory, the children are able to play and move around, along with that, they are able to watch their favorite songs and videos.

Some of the benefits of the XWHEELS are:

  1. Releases stress: Even if adults or teenagers, have this on their phone, they can use it to release stress.
  2. Alternative to digital content: XWHEELS gives an opportunity to the children to look at something new, which is a good alternative to digital content.
  3. Increase of focus: Since the children get to hold and play around with XWHEELS, it helps in increasing their focus.
  4. Curbs anxiety: Some adults or even teenagers are anxious and they have trouble dealing with anxiety, this accessory has the ability to help them curb anxiety.
  5. Fun time: The children get to have a fun time with this accessory and it also expands their imagination.

XWHEELS has a scissoring action and a telescoping frame with which it has the ability to fit any kind of mobile phone and turn it into a toy car. Imagine having your phone transformed into a toy car, best combination, ever right?

It helps you in dealing with stress and anxiety and also lets you use your phone in a unique way. Even when you are not using your phone, XWHEELS is a great cover for your phone.

XWHEELS is a great mobile phone accessory for the parents because it helps them encourage their children to not only spend time watching videos or listening to songs, but to also play. kids can move around the house while playing with the newly formed mobile phone toy car, they can watch the educational videos and also get the physical exercise that they need to remain healthy and active.

The coolest thing about this accessory is that even if you have it on your work desk, you can use it to release stress or curb anxiety. It will also become popular among your friends and you surely will get a lot of questions and compliments relating to XWHEELS.

If you are just tired of looking at the screen of your phone then just take a break and use the accessory to push the phone around the table and enjoy your little toy while you are at work. This will freshen your mind and you will be all set to get back to work.

XWHEELS is great as a fidget toy that helps you release stress and feel better, it is great as a toy car for young children who need physical activity and less screen time. It is also great as a universal phone stand, tired of your old one? Then get your hands on this one. The coolest thing about this accessory is that you can use your phone while playing with it.

If you are also someone who is worried about your child’s increased screen time then you surely need this smartphone accessory.