3 Reasons to Add Captions to Videos


In the modern Digital Era, it seems as though every business is turning to online marketing. You might think it’s time for your organization to start developing digital video content. If so, it’s essential to note how valuable it is to add captions to videos. 

Even industry experts recognize the importance of adding captions to video content. Keep reading for three specific reasons that these captions can make or break your digital marketing content. 

  1. Adding Captions Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’re familiar with search engines like Google, Yahoo, or even YouTube. When online users type in certain keywords or phrases, you want your content to show up at the top of the list of results. That’s where SEO strategies can be helpful. 

Well, adding captions to any video content on YouTube can help your SEO rank behind-the-scenes. The search engine algorithms will be able to “see” these closed captions and will boost your content’s likelihood of being viewed. 

For an even easier way to boost your search results, consider tools that allow you to add text to videos for free. Your brand and its products or services could be trending online in no time. 

  1. It’s Worthwhile to Be Conscious of Hearing-Impaired Viewers

Another thing to note is that video subtitles can also increase your brand’s digital audience. To be specific, recognize the value of including content that hearing-impaired consumers can enjoy. 

By including content that everyone can enjoy, you’re increasing your brand’s chance for possible sales. Take the time to add captions to your digital content videos to reach a wider potential online consumer base. 

  1. Your Viewers Can Watch Your Content Anywhere

At the same time, it’s not just hearing-impaired consumers who might appreciate subtitles. Have you ever been in a room or a situation in which silence was essential? While in these quiet environments, have you ever been bored enough to want to stay on your phone?

With closed captions, viewers who need to watch without any sound can still enjoy your content. They won’t need to bother anyone around them with their viewing. 

By adding captions to your video content, you’re expanding the likelihood of it being watched at all. In other words, your digital marketing strategy can benefit in more ways than one when you take the time to add these subtitles. 

Expand Your Digital Audience After You Add Captions to Videos

At this point, you see the value of adding subtitles to digital marketing videos. Your brand can reach a much wider audience when you add captions to videos, for one thing. 

In addition, there are plenty of other ways to keep expanding that digital audience. That’s why we encourage you to browse through the rest of our article archives. 

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