3 Ways To Block Radiation From Your Cell Phone



When it comes to cell phones, they can be very useful in many ways, whether used for information or financial reasons but there is an important side to it that is just as potent to a human not only mentally but can impact their biofield and body dramatically. Many children and teenagers aren’t even aware of such factors. Thankfully in this article, methods to prevent such negative impacts of cell phones as best as possible will be discussed. You can find latest details at ResetTips for t mobile deals for existing customers.


It’s important to understand that such cell phones can create brain cancer for some beings especially through lots of exposure to artificial light too it isn’t just wirelessly. Metal shielding and placing phones at a particular far location room in a home is recommended if possible at the end of the day. That is one of the first tips.

As a second means of reducing exposure to such cancer-causing radiation, wired technology should be used instead of Wifi for those that want to truly be safer and prolong their lives as much as possible. That pertains to the affordability and comfortability of the person and those that live in the living quarters.

Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields have many effects on all animals, not only human bodies. There are cell phone covers that will help in decreasing risks of the cell phones impacting those that inhabit its surrounding perimeter. The cover is called SafeSleeve, and it initially started with laptop covers being made to reduce the radiation that was emitted. Especially considering how many laptops and other electronic devices affect different body parts differently. Like if a laptop is used on a lap, it could affect the fertility of some beings. That results in decreased levels of birth rates in a country that’s more tech-savvy if they’re not educated on safety precautions much like in all other sorts of fields that pertain to human safety hazards. There should be a label added to the back of such devices, educating consumers of the dangers of not using safety measures to decrease their susceptibility to ending up afflicted by radiation from cell phones.

The prices are nothing compared to living much longer and being around for loved ones. Informing loved ones of this is detrimental. An amazing gift that can be granted to any loved one during a special occasion can be such a case. A radiation blocking cell phone case. The case itself typically costs around thirty dollars and is available online and can be ordered with ease.

SPC or as it’s an acronym stands for Specific absorption rate, pertains to the human body absorption level so it’s important to know the specific absorption rate of a phone model. An example being the iPhone which has a lower specific absorption rate compared to other phones.

A third method to avoid or minimize the exposure to electromagnetic fields in regards to phones is to put your phone in the speaker when receiving a call as opposed to pressing it close to an ear that’d only affect the human biofield. There are countless numbers of people that due to simply not having this valuable information, go about pressing phones to their ears and it ends up having deadly effects on their bodies and mental states later on in life. Why? Because the brain is impacted. Radiation blocking cell phone case is very important.

Those covers, in particular, are made of a sort of synthetic polyurethane brought into a nice design that looks great and also does the job of effectively protecting the phone in case it is to fall somewhere but it mainly has a foil that’s been tested and approved of being capable of protecting against harmful radiation, making it the first of it’s kind to be able to effectively protect from radiation in the current age.