How to Solve Your Freight Problems with Freight Forwarding Software


Today the industry for freight forwarders is much more competitive than it was in yesteryears, as businesses today are really struggling to make sure that they can accumulate a fair percentage of the total market share. Given the advent of technology, it is quite noticeable how freight forwarding as a business is also evolving rapidly and the companies that have decided to make use of the technology, are the ones who are the pioneers right now and our setting a benchmark for all the other businesses. Owing to this disruption, customers today are really intolerant towards any delays and also businesses that still use high volume of manual paperwork.

So let us take a look at how freight forwarding software can tackle the problems that are associated with the freight industry today and be able to help you in staying ahead of your competition.

  • Problem No. 1- Adequate Planning: This is considered to be the first thing to do when you begin any logistical operation, one cannot deny the fact about how vital it is. Planning means that you will have to factor in various parameters that are responsible to make you sure that your execution is flawless. It might begin with having your operation manager mapping out everything from the purchase till the delivery. The basic aim of doing so as to make sure that you have the fastest turnaround in the minimum cost possible. Having said this however, when it comes to logistics, there are so many factors that might catch you by surprise that nothing is so sure. What you can try, is to stay as efficient as possible, and with the help of a proper logistics software you will be able to minimize your cost of transportation and also enhance the quality of your deliveries by shortening the lead-times.

Apart from this your CRM for freight forwarder can make sure that whatever the requirements of your customers might be, they are always taken care of and whatever details they might need regarding their deliveries it will be offered to them transparently. Hence with the help of the right software you can:

    • Choose the most efficient carrier who can offer you the perfect loading strategies for the kind afraid that you are carrying.
    • Find yourself the right shipper in terms of the kind of ratio of service to price that you receive.
    • Be able to create for yourself the right routes that your cargo shipment can undertake
    • Be able to automate all the manual work that is related to documentation, load planning etc.
  • Problem No. 2 – Proper Co-ordination: As we all know supply chains contain within them a complex jumble of entities, information and resources that finally help in the objective of being able to achieve the goal of delivering the consignment to the customer. Keeping in mind the limitations of the supply chain managers, one cannot imagine how they would be able to keep a track of the multitudes of tasks that are involved in making sure that a consignment reaches its recipient in the right manner. From shipment priorities, to the status of the consignment, to inventory etc. without the right freight forwarding software, one can imagine the lack of visibility or mismanagement that occurs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Hence, to be able to ensure that everything moves along smoothly employing the use of freight management software can help you in:

    • The implementation of applications that will allow you to track your vehicle, load and even be able to monitor what the driver is up to
    • The creation of the most optimal routes, keeping in mind the quality of the road, traffic, congestions, distance etc. Even in case of unexpected identification of problematic areas, the software can help you in creating new routes keeping in mind real-time conditions.
    • Last but not least, having the right freight forwarding software can help you in bypassing a lot of official formalities associated with transportation.
  • Problem No. 3: Paperwork/Documentation: Now this can really be a headbanger, if not dealt with in the right fashion. A lot of time manual documentation means that maintainability of proper documentation can be poor. Since you have to deal with a large database, this means that the constant contact that you have to maintain from everyone be it the consumer to the suppliers to partners, documentation is something that can become quite cumbersome.

Automation and quick data access mean that you can move forward towards reducing your operating costs with the help of a CRM for freight forwarder. By the maintenance of databases accurately, all the processes can be simplified. Thus with the help of a CRM for freight forwarder, you can manage to:

    • Automate your accounts, which means lesser paperwork. Automated invoices, billing etc, can be managed with the help of Accounting Software for Freight Forwarders which are now a common feature.
    • Make the app truly mobile, various stakeholders can keep updating status in real time or even just be able to do the documentation with the help of your smartphone.
    • Get permanent, constant access to necessary information/reports whenever, wherever you need it.

Thus, one can see that no matter what your problem may be, with the help of the right freight forwarding software, you can make sure that your logistics are taken care of and also propagate the effective management of your supply chain. One has to realise that technological interventions are inevitable and also by the automation of your procedures you can improve the flow of products as well as make sure that your inventory management is autumn. These preventative measures will help in minimising any delays and also be able to decrease your operational cost. Having complete visibility and traceability of the transit of your goods, this is something that will only be an advantage and inspire consumer trust. To find out more about our freight management software ShipThis can do for you and benefit your business, reach out to us for a demo