8 Tips to Become an SEO Reseller and Grow Your Business


Are you looking to expand your online business by offering SEO services to your clients? Perhaps you’re already providing digital marketing services, but you’d also like to branch out to search engine optimization. Whatever your reasons, becoming an SEO retailer is a great way to grow your business. It’s a popular avenue for businesses with an already established client base who want to offer SEO services but don’t have the resources or knowledge to do so in-house. This blog post will share ten tips to become an SEO reseller and grow your business.

Tips to Become an SEO Reseller

1. Choose a reputable SEO provider

The first step to becoming an SEO retailer is to choose a reputable provider. Make sure that the company you partner with has a track record of delivering measurable and ethical SEO results. Research the company thoroughly and vet their credentials. Choose a provider that can offer an attractive package of services that meets the needs of your clients.

2. Develop a strong relationship with your provider

Establishing a good relationship with your SEO provider is crucial to both your success and your clients. Set clear expectations and maintain regular communication. Provide your provider with regular feedback on the quality of work carried out. A healthy relationship with your provider will ensure that you retain satisfied clients and increase your revenue.

3. Offer competitive prices

One of the biggest benefits of having an SEO provider is that you can offer competitive prices to your clients. With economies of scale, your provider can offer SEO services at a lower cost per unit than you could ever acquire on your own. As an SEO reseller, you can create a package that is cost-effective for your clients and still produces profits for you.

4. Leverage your existing client base

One of the most significant advantages of becoming an SEO retailer is the opportunity it offers to upsell your existing client base. Cross-promotion of your SEO services will benefit your clients in improving their search engine rankings, and your balance sheet as well. Remember to pitch the idea to your existing client base and feel free to offer them exclusive deals to upsell your SEO services.

5. Benefits of branding

Branding your SEO services is another way you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Creating a separate brand under your agency is a great way to promote your search engine optimization services to clients. Branding will help you entice clients that are new to the business and looking to establish trust with reputable agencies.

6. Tracking your Results

Data is crucial to tracking the success of any campaign. Make sure you have implemented analytics software, so you can stay informed by monitoring your SEO campaigns. You should regularly report updates to your clients and ensure your SEO provider is doing the same. This helps to keep your clients engaged and staying confident in your services.

7. Offer white-label reporting

Your SEO provider should be able to offer you white-label reporting, which you can brand with your agency name. It will give your clients the impression that you’ve developed your SEO services in-house and tailored them to their specific requirements.

8. Stay on top of the latest trends

As with any industry, SEO is continuously evolving, and it is vital to stay ahead of the curve. Follow blogs, social media accounts, and attend webinars related to SEO to ensure you stay informed of the latest trends, algorithm updates, and industry news. Many SEO providers offer their resellers webinars and informative materials that help them stay current with industry trends.


Becoming an SEO reseller opens up a new stream of revenue for your business, and with the above tips, you’re sure to succeed. Partnering up with a reputable provider that delivers measurable and ethical results, offering competitive prices and customizable services, and staying on top of the latest trends, are all vital elements. Remember, building strong relationships with clients is key. By providing excellent value and building your brand, you will soon reap the rewards of becoming an SEO retailer.