9 product launch ideas that marketers use


Marketing is a tough job if you see it with a perspective. It is tough in all ways because it takes a lot of energy and planning. Planning plays a crucial role in witnessing any product launch ideas, and marketers have been able to do it for years now.

Although marketers have been shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing just like that and at both places, they can do wonders. To any industry or firm, a proper marketing plan is a must, and for that, marketers need to understand specific vital points regarding the product launch ideas that they are about to use. 

Although it is quite challenging to follow what the experts do daily, the critical aspect of product launch ideas is to be creative and unique in its ways. Here are nine efficient pre-launch marketing ideas that the professionals generally use:- 

  1. People taking interest while they talk about your product – You should come up with specific ideas that seem interesting and new to people, and it only happens when the audience themselves are involved in it.

    For example, making your product samples free for the customers to use and asking for their feedback by clicking selfies and featuring them on your official pages. These kinds of involvements make them feel one with the product, and they indulge in doing mouth publicity.


  • Hosting exciting contests and reward ceremonies – You can engage your customers by hosting various online competitions of their choice, which can somewhere be related to your product or even by your product description.

    By winning such online games, they can have some rewards or cash prizes due, and this has been the most successful product launch ideas ever in the segment of good marketing. 


  1. A pre-launch event to attract attention – Before you launch your product, you can hold a game in which you can broadly talk about your product, and it’s used. Involve your audience in giving feedback along with some gift hampers and snacks. This kind of attraction works with all types of product launch ideas, and almost the majority of the audience is collected through this.
  2. Pre-orders in service – The launch of the product seems to be a month after or say two-three weeks after a given date, and hence you can collect pre-orders in your product while providing special discounts or offers for the early buyers.
  3. Creating and building up the suspense – some products introduce their product in one go. Still, a decent and efficient product launch idea states that deliberate use of minimal information will keep them interested in the long run, and due to their suspense they will be forced to keep visiting your website now and then hence creating the right market audience.
  4. Making creative use of influence marketing – influence marketing is considered as the most cost-effective and relevant marketing in today’s world.
    The influencers on social media have a vast range of fan following, and they are significant enough; hence taking their help to market, your product will help it reach millions of people in one go.


  • Video ideas in use – Virtual Reality is the new reality of our world. Creating innovative videos holds attention like none other. Hence, you can use excellent and creative ideas to function the video aspect properly because it will catch most of the audiences worldwide.
  • Campaigns launching, which might involve teasers on social media – social media can be the most prominent virtual available platform for promotion. Teasers can add that sparkle to your product and will reach people efficiently. It is very cost-efficient and valuable.
  • Have individual value rather than the product value – focusing just on the product will not help, but rather than the product, you should be focused on how this product will help your growing audience and how they will be beneficial from it.