A complete guide of Condensers


Cooling systems such as condensers are inevitable in power plants, refrigeration system, petroleum industry and other similar industries. It is employed to treat the superheated vapor comes from the turbine and transfigure to a liquid state. It has a huge influence on the efficacies of power plants or anywhere it is employed. Different types are available in Condenser and even comes under various size. All the types of condensers work in same principles besides its difference in type. Some condensers are designed for industrial purpose which is employed in petroleum or other chemical process plants. Some condensers are designed for domestic purpose which is used in refrigerator and air conditioner etc. If you are wondering to develop your insights of condensers, then this article is worth considering.


In any power plant or chemical process plants, condensers turn the hot vapor from the turbine and cool it. While the vapor is cooled, it is transfigured into a liquid state from gas state. There are three types of condensers available such as the water-cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser and evaporative condenser etc. The water-cooled condenser is highly effectual but it is high maintenance when compared to other options. The superheated vapor from the turbines is cooled beyond its saturation point. When the vapor is cooled down, it is prone to procure gas state instantly. To avoid this circumstance, condensers cools the vapor beyond its saturation point. It ensures the liquid never goes back to the gas state.

Water-cooled condensers are quite costly when compared to other options. If you are up to an affordable choice, then evaporative condensers are worth considering. Evaporative condensers are even ideal for the place where there is a shortage of water. It can be kept outside but its water pump has to be switched off to avoid the water to get a freeze in cold seasons. Air-cooled condensers are worth considering option since air is easy to access.

When employing condensers in systems, it is mandatory to know how to maintain it. Condensers are prone to procure hitches such accumulation of fouling, corrosion and pitting. To avoid this hitch taking a huge avatar, it is mandatory to maintain it properly. For effectual maintenance, it has to be inspected regularly. The best way to set away from the sudden downtime and maintain better efficacies, safety, is to inspect it regularly. If you fish out any hitches, then it is better to necessary actions without delay. It paves a way to ease the issue when it is a minion. Letting the hitch to grow stronger would affect your savings a lot which is the main reason to suggest regular inspection.

To inspect the condenser, there are two commonly opted methods available such as eddy current and ultrasonic. These tests will aid you to keep an eye on the efficacies and current status of a condenser.