What is Floky?


Flocky is a security innovation individual article following portable application which causes you to follow your lost effects with the intensity of long range interpersonal communication. We’ve made the most prudent and natural arrangement so as to have the option to identify your lost vehicle’s or pet’s area with the assistance of signal innovation. You just need to enroll and you can follow a greater amount of your own effects whenever from anyplace. OK prefer to ensure your vehicle is in a protected spot? Is your canine or feline regularly straying and you might want to know where it is?

Floky Find Lost things!

OK prefer to ensure your vehicle is in a sheltered spot? Is your pooch or feline frequently straying and you might want to know where it is?

Let Floky, the social vehicle and pet following application, watch over your possessions!

What would you be able to follow Floky?

  • your vehicle
  • your bike
  • your motorbike
  • your canine
  • your feline
  • or some other pet, vehicle and so forth.

How might you use it?

  1. Download the Floky app, make a speedy enlistment and make your very own record
  2. Add your reference points to your record (you can locate a nitty gritty client direct on the off chance that you click here)
  3. Put the guide in/on your vehicle, pet or some other thing you wish to follow
  4. On the off chance that that thing is lost, change the reference point’s status to ‘lost’ and the system begins to confine
  5. your lost signal
  6. On the off chance that you or another client is in the reference point’s extension, you both get a message pop-up about it
  7. At that point you can legitimately get in touch with one another with the assistance of the in-application delivery person!

What is reference point?

Reference point is a little Bluetooth based gadget which sends sign to your cell phone and to other guide gadgets.

Because of its little size, it very well may be put advantageously anyplace, you can even conceal it so it is imperceptible for hoodlums, that is the reason it can follow the area of your vehicle in anunfortunate occasion of a burglary. You needn’t need to tally with establishment costs since it is extremely easy to put.

Reference points can work constantly in any event, for a considerable length of time with a straightforward catch or pencil battery which makes it significantly increasingly efficient and basic.