A complete handbook for HR specialists on How to hunt down employees on LinkedIn


Dear friends, we would like to introduce you to the automated search service that helps you find an employee on LinkedIn – LinkAdd.in. This article explains how to find the employee of your dreams using social networks.

It is important to note, that this article is focused on the search for specific occupations. The specialist shortage creates high demand so they have to be hunted down. This article will be most helpful to HR specialists trying to hire employees from abroad.

We’ve had similar issues while searching for clients, partners, investors, and employees for our business. Hence, this comprehensive manual is a solution based on the results of our experience.

Types of search for specialists

Let’s discuss the options available to the HR specialist of a big company while searching for the employee with narrow qualifications.

For example, they need to hire a Head of Supply chain aka a Head of Procurement. So, where do we start?

Resume database search. One of the options is to search a resume database via well-known platforms, like HH and SJ. There are two cons to this method. First is the high-price of database access. However, if your company has an on-staff recruiter, this issue is irrelevant. The second issue of resume database search is a lack of qualified specialists.

Placing Ads on the same platforms is another option. However, it is also expensive, and most likely will show a low response rate. Moreover, the majority of the obtained responses will be irrelevant or contain very high demands.

As an example, we have previously purchased Ads placement with a top package. As a result, we received a large number of responses from unqualified candidates with very high salary expectations. Have you ever met a cashier with 3 years experience demanding a salary of a qualified specialist?

Telegram chats and specialized groups on Facebook allow you to place an Ad for hire as well as search by resume. These chats and groups are rarely visited by qualified specialists. However, you will get an overwhelming amount of irrelevant responses 🙂

Personal recommendation is a great but a quite narrow option for search. It is not efficient when you are looking for specialists in various professions.

LinkedIn is a network that allows you to find almost any specialist. Hunting down the right specialist on this site is cheaper than placing an Ad via job placement sites. Plus, there are plenty of top specialists here. However, most of them are already employed. So, you need to come up with a better offer. The other issue is a large amount of manual work which inspired us to make this process automated. Let us tell you about this process in details.

Here is how it works:

As mentioned before, the idea for an automated employee searching service is a result of our experience. Since we discovered LinkedIn, we continue to use it to search for employees for our company. It goes as follows:

  • Search LinkedIn for target professionals
  • Send invite (with/out the message)
  • Send a message mentioning a vacancy you have to sell our b2b product to those who confirmed the request
  • Send offer details to those who got interested in a job

This method works great but takes a lot of time if you send requests manually.

There is an option to place an Ad for hire on LinkedIn. However, the minimum cost per click in this social network is $2. As you are not going to do it personally, add the sub-contractor pay as well. On top of that, Ads get dull which lowers its efficiency as opposed to direct outreach.

Our automated service imitates user actions on LinkedIn as if you would search for specialist’s profiles and send out the invitations. As an example, if sending out invites manually, by keywords you will be able the find only the first 1000 contacts. While our service searches the entire network, and then automatically sends a set number of the invitations. The search can be done by job position, location, and keywords.


  • Select the targeted audience according to the available search options. In our case, it is a sales manager (job position), and the USA (location)
  • Then, every day, the service will send out a set number of invites from your account
  • A user confirms the invites
  • You get contact information of a potential candidate for your vacancy
  • Try to develop a conversation that will gradually mold into a job offer a perfect candidate cannot resist 🙂

More details:

  • Service automatically sends out the first message which can be edited.
  • All the newly confirmed contacts will become a valuable database of the potential candidates available to you now or later. As they selected according to your Target Audience. Even if that specialist doesn’t accept your offer now, later when searching for a job he may reach out to you as a professional recruiter.
  • This service does not require installation or any configurations in the browser. It operates online via Cloud and your participation is not required. Once you set all the requirements you are done. When the contacts are confirmed you will need to communicate with them.
  • One personal account allows you to manage invites, request cancellations and the automatic messaging to the new friends.


The service we offer will be helpful to HR specialists looking for employees of rare and specific occupations. Especially, when there is an acute shortage and you have to hunt down a specialist, all the traditional methods failed.

Our service will also be beneficial to a larger scale recruiting as many lawyers, sales managers, digital specialists of all kinds, accountants have accounts on LinkedIn. This service is not relevant if you looking to hire a delivery person of a cashier. In this case, job search sites are more efficient.