A Few Common Reasons for Losing Your Data


Although we may assume that modern computers are very reliable, often users complain about losing their crucial information. Despite having the most expensive high-quality hardware with highly reliable software cannot offer a 100% guarantee of your data on your PC or laptop.

What do we mean by data loss? It is defined as our inability to access the required data at its expected place because of certain errors in the operation of software/hardware or any improper actions by the user. 

The following are a few reasons identified that could be the reasons for such data loss occurring in our computers.

  • Human error

Often any untrained person may end up doing certain mistakes unintentionally and that may lead to your data loss. This can also happen even with any trained person too due to any mistakes that may happen. 

Some of the human errors are:

  • Accidental deletion of certain important files
  • Negligent disk or formatting of disk partition without a backup copy
  • Overwriting of file contents
  • Inaccurate attempts for recovering the lost information
  • Technical failure

Since all kinds of data storage are human-made and there can always be a chance of a certain error that may lead to loss of data.

Some of the technical reasons for data loss are:

  • Certain hardware failures in the hard disc drive, memory, or any other peripherals
  • Software crashes due to certain issue with anti-virus
  • Error in file editing software
  • An error happens during reformatting
  • Data theft

There can be 5% of cases of data loss that is because of data theft. Sometimes your physical device may be stolen. Any interested person may be interested to know your confidential financial information. 

Often such cases have been noticed happening on the banks, healthcare companies, or certain companies engaged in any secret projects. Basically, the password is hacked and then data theft occurs.

  • Malware and hacker attacks

These days, different viruses and malware are regularly evolving, and they are becoming more and more advanced and also becoming quite dangerous. It has become a great challenge to keep our data protected against such threats.

Unless you are very particular about keeping your data properly protected (that most people may not be) then your data can always be at risk of getting lost due to certain latest computer malware attacks or virus threats.

  • External causes

There can be around 3% chances of data loss due to certain natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and fires. They may happen rarely, but there is a possibility. 

Such a disaster will not only cause data loss but can also damage to your computers physically. Only a few specialists in data recovery can help you to recover your lost data.

Whatever may be the reason for your data loss, your deleted files will not get wiped unless something is overwritten on them, so you can recover them back by acting immediately. However, if due to any physical damage, you have lost your data then the data recovery centre can help you to get your data back.