All about IT support: what type of IT support do you need?


It is not new that technology has become an essential function of any business. After all, a well-organized IT environment is capable of keeping the company producing efficiently and offering a competitive advantage. However, managing IT services can be very complicated. It is why most organizations choose to hire a company that offers specialized it support. There are three levels of service in information technology.

Level 1 IT professionals often respond to calls related to simpler systemic or hardware failures. Level 2 IT professionals are already used to assist users and other technicians. They act in the critical analysis of incidents and problems. Level 3 IT professionals perform on-demand service for critical incidents on networks, servers and network assets. Level 3 professionals have an advisory and strategic character.

Virtual IT support 

Virtually managed IT support services is a great alternative for those looking to save time and practicality. After all, remote IT support can be done through software, specific tools or the internet. The IT analyst can connect to a device and perform repairs and configurations. This IT support model also allows you to diagnose problems, manage resources, perform data and systems verification and install programs.

You get assistance at any time

Another advantage of remotely managed IT services in Wisconsin is due to the level of criticality of an eventual problem. After all, when a level 3 incident occurs, it is possible to call a trained analyst from a distance to diagnose and remedy the issue.

In-person IT support 

By having in-person IT support, companies are able to focus more on their core business. After all, they gain access to the latest technology, greater flexibility and cost savings.

Mixed technical support

In this model of technical support, the company counts on the physical presence of a technician whenever necessary while receiving remote assistance. This solution is very practical in companies that value the smooth operation of their IT.

Face to face IT support

When a problem cannot be solved remotely, face-to-face it support is triggered. Thus, the selected professional schedules a visit to the company to assess the problems. After the analysis, the professional estimates a deadline for the solution of all problems. Once the negotiation is approved, the professional begins to attend the company as an ordinary employee until all repairs are completed.

However, when there is no need for a technician to be present, the service continues to be done remotely. This IT support model combines the advantages of remote and face-to-face service.