Amazing Membership Card Examples and Uses


It is important to make sure that a visiting customer has an excellent first impression of your business as a business owner. For example, if you own a grocery store, it is your responsibility to ensure that any visiting customer purchasing some fruits has an excellent first-time experience. As they say, first impressions matter in business. An amazing first-time experience will make them want to come back again. One of the best ways to impress your customers is by presenting them with a membership card.

If you wonder what a membership card is, it’s a card that validates your membership status in an institution or establishment. You will feel a sense of belonging in that business or establishment as a visiting customer with the card. Also, as a business owner, you as a business owner can track the number of active members that your business has.

Now let’s look at some eye-catching membership cards for some businesses or establishments and see how it benefits both the customer and the business owner.

Being a part of a Football Club

There are so many football clubs in the world today, and it is safe to say that these football clubs are looking for fans to support their various clubs. An excellent way to ensure this happens is by issuing membership cards to every supporter so they can have a sense of belonging. The picture below is a membership card issued to Mr. Andrew Tegala, an Arsenal Football Club fan. 

With this card, Mr. Andrew believes that he carries a part of Arsenal Football Club everywhere he goes and can boastfully say that he belongs to Arsenal. 

Salon Membership Card

Everyone wants to look beautiful. As a young man, you want your hair to look good, and as a lady, you want to get the best hair treatment. Many beauty salons can provide hair treatment services, but one way to stand out as a salon owner is to make your customer share a part of your business. With your visiting customer having a membership card, they can be regarded as a shareholder in your business. If you offer quality services, the customer will want to come back another time, which will lead to the growth of the business.

The membership card shown above is for Iren Salon, which provides hair, skin, and beauty services. The card carries the company’s basic information like its website, email address, and phone number. This also gives the customer easy access to reach out whenever their service is required.

Get the best PVC Membership card for your business

As a business owner, the quality of membership cards matters. Providing quality services helps in bringing customers, but giving quality membership cards helps in sustaining the customers. PVC printed cards are regarded as one of the best cards used by companies today because of their flexibility and long shelf life. 

It is said that it is not the visiting customer that grows a business but the staying customer. Do your best to ensure that any visiting customer stays because that will grow your business, and durable membership cards is one of the ways to have loyal customers.