An Ultimate Guide to App Icon Trends


The app icon is a vital thing that helps an app to stand out among others not just in the App Store but also on your phone. Once the app has been installed, it should be found easily and for the user, making sure it stays in their mind is vital. And, for that the factors that matter would be an eye-catching design with an app icon generator but keeping it minimal and also the usability factor. Apps icons found in the phone stand out in a grid of equal-sized icons. Here are some of the latest trends that are standing out while designing an app icon. 

Emails Having Envelopes 

After the birth of the internet, email was one of the first things that people got to know about and understood its advantages. The electrical counterpart of sending information is nothing similar to that of the postal counterpart but the basics are similar between the sender and recipient. This is very much similar and associated with paper envelopes. Whether you are using Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, you would come across an envelope. 

Productive Apps Having Ticks 

Most of the apps that come with a to-do list or a diary and note usability come with a tick too. This tick signifies accomplishments and the satisfaction that the job has been completed. It has become an important part of tools in-app icon generator including Clear, Todo, OmniFocus, and a lot more. With some changes in the pattern, shape, color, most of them look strikingly similar.

Lock And Key 

With the internet changing everyday lives, online security, and safety matters too. Whether it is a virus scanner or even a password, you would always get a lock and key symbol that denotes that the app you are opening is safe. This implies that any hacker, cybercriminal, or virus cannot get to you because the app is locked up. This security in question is digital just like the electronic version of paper and pen but the association is a strong one.     

Creativity Including Paintbrush And Pencils 

It is not hard to separate a line of icons based on the tools and the symbols it represents.  There would be a stethoscope to represent any medical app, a hammer for a building, similarly a pencil or paintbrush to denote apps that help you get creative and thoughtful. 

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