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Serial innovator Eric Minoli blends the initiative and willingness to take risks of a digital media capitalist with the thorough preparation and strategic thinking of a process technologist. 

He has continuously pushed the envelope of what is conceivable in the education sectors and media over the past thirty years. Through his efforts in private, non-profit, and governmental organizations, he has received numerous accolades and recognition on a global scale. Eric Minoli supports you in the digital transformation of your company.

His employment and academic experiences in Canada, the USA, France, India, and Brazil have helped him develop a strong, multicultural, and practical global perspective. He did his graduation in France from the Université de Provence, as well as his mini-MBA degree and a digital transformation certification from McGill University and also the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Minoli has held positions on a number of committees and boards, including those for the International Television Archives, iKast.io, Les Médias Francophones Publiques, and Université de l’Ontario Français.

Personal interests of Eric’s include fine dining, cutting-edge technology, and global geopolitics. Both his spouse and he like traveling, and they are at present taking classes to become maîtres-fromagers, which is the sommelier in the cheese industry. He is regarded as being simple to talk to, a skilled negotiator, tenacious, and an efficient hunter.

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A few examples of the past projects that were done by Eric Minoli in both the education and media sectors are as follows:

Education sector

  • After the vote in parliament to expand the organization’s scope and assume leadership of a new online course platform for all students enrolled in the provincial educational system, the company’s operations were realigned.
  • Create the vision for the University of Ontario’s new digital strategy (21st-century university, and newly created by the respective government of the country for promoting innovation and global excellence).

Media sector

  • IBC Innovation Award winner developed a “First in World” concept for combining broadcast TV production with gaming engine software to give customers an immersive experience.
  • Create a ground-breaking prototype to use Blockchain technology to manage content copyrights.
  • Supervised the transfer of a Brazilian TV channel to the United States following the Canal + Group’s acquisition of it.
  • By drastically changing workflow and productivity, decentralizing post-production and overturning conventional broadcast procedures
  • Create a new plan of action (production, post-production, distribution, and asset management) for a major Canadian cable operator’s proprietary TV channels.
  • Standardization and improvement of localization and content development procedures for a network of European subsidiaries of a broadcaster.

Strategic Advisor of Deolite has commented on him that he has extensive expertise, particularly in the electronic media sector. He is a very impactful consultant who can carry out mandates with rigor and creativity within the set deadlines.

According to VP EMEA Content Servicing, Eric Minoli has got a vision of the “big picture” as well as the future of any industry. One will truly enjoy working with him to improve the workflow of his company.