Benefits of Outsourcing Network Security in Tampa


All modern companies handle at least a few forms of digital data. Some collect customer data when they sign people up for loyalty accounts. Others keep data on employees for payroll purposes. Many companies also use data for targeted ad campaigns.

Digital data is incredibly useful. Unfortunately, business owners aren’t the only ones who know that. Cybercriminals also understand the value of data in today’s world, which is why they are always coming up with new ways to exploit cybersecurity loopholes to steal it. Read on to find out about the benefits of outsourcing network security to help business owners avoid data breaches.

Access to a Team of Dedicated Experts

To provide adequate Network Security Tampa business owners can’t rely on generalized IT staff. They must turn to cybersecurity specialists. Outsourcing network security to an independent company will give business owners access to an entire team of dedicated industry experts who have an in-depth understanding of the many tactics used by cybercriminals.

Proactive Monitoring

Cybersecurity experts don’t just respond to data breaches. They take proactive action to identify vulnerabilities to prevent attacks. Should a data breach occur, these pros also understand the importance of immediate detection and response to mitigate damage and protect the company’s reputation.

Cost-Effective Services

Most small and mid-size businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time cybersecurity team, so providing in-house network security just isn’t an option. Ignoring network security isn’t an option in today’s age, either. Should a breach occur, the company could find itself losing customers or clients and struggling to rebuild its reputation for years to come.

Ensure Compliance

The United States government takes cybersecurity very seriously, so there are regulations in place to protect sensitive data. It’s up to companies to ensure that they are in compliance with those regulations, and failure to take appropriate actions can lead to potentially hefty fines. Network security providers know just what it takes to ensure compliance with national and state data storage and transmission regulations.

Keep Up with Changing Times

Cybercriminals are always developing new methods for infiltrating networks, so cybersecurity professionals have their work cut out for them. Network security companies have access to advanced AI and insider software applications to help them detect threats and keep up with changing times. Human analysts will never again be able to compete with AI-assisted technologies when it comes to detecting malicious activity.

Round-the-Clock Support

Even if companies can afford to hire an in-house cybersecurity officer, there’s no way for one person to be on-call all the time. As a result, incidents sometimes go unnoticed for hours, creating additional complications and extending the recovery period. Network security providers offer round-the-clock monitoring and support, which reduces the chances of any breach going unnoticed and helps to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Layered Protection

Hackers are clever. They know how to get around the basic safeguards implemented by the average IT professional. Outsourcing network security to a specialist will ensure that all sensitive data receives multiple levels of protection. These companies vet every employee carefully and have proprietary methods in place for preventing human errors.

Incredible Convenience

Most network security providers also offer secure data storage and managed IT services. Working with a company that can do it all is incredibly convenient. Whenever anything goes wrong with the company’s network, business owners will know exactly who to call.

The Bottom Line

Modern business owners can’t afford to ignore network security, but most can’t afford to hire in-house cybersecurity officers, either. Outsourcing to a reputable third-party vendor is the best solution.