Benefits of Sustainability: What Saving the Planet Can Do for You


The necessity of switching to a green lifestyle is more urgent now than ever. The effects of climate change are already being felt all over the world, causing stronger and more frequent hurricanes and bushfires that devastate communities. 

More people are more aware of how their actions negatively impact the environment. As a response, many have chosen to live an eco-friendly lifestyle by reducing the trash they generate and cutting their carbon footprint. 

However, did you know that becoming environmentally conscious offers other major benefits aside from saving the planet?

Renewable Energy Saves Money

Many countries around the world generate electricity by burning oil, gas, and coal — a process that has long been known to be detrimental to the environment. Luckily, there are other options available that will not destroy the planet. 

The adoption of solar energy is on the rise everywhere. Previously criticized as both expensive and inefficient, more people nowadays use solar panels as their main source of electricity. In fact, solar panels can power a home in Utah and anywhere in the United States. 

The initial installment of solar systems (including storage/battery) is quite costly, but the maintenance is affordable. Moreover, in the long run, you will be saving a significant amount of money by not relying on the national power grid. 

If you generate more energy than what you need, you can sell the excess to a utility company. Your solar panel pays for itself!

 Veganism Can Lengthen Your Lifespan

One of the biggest polluters in the world is the meat and dairy industry. The production of meat and the farming of livestock are responsible for 14.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. 

That is why veganism, or the practice of abstaining from consuming animal products, is becoming more popular. A diet that only consists of plant-based ingredients is seen as eco-friendly. 

However, going vegan, or at least reducing your intake of meat and dairy, offers so many health benefits. Studies have shown that going vegan can lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Those who subscribe to a plant-based diet tend to have lower levels of blood sugar and higher sensitivity to insulin. 

There is also evidence that suggests that veganism may protect against certain kinds of cancer. By eating at least seven portions of fruits and vegetables every day, you can lower your risk of dying from cancer by 15%. 

Walking, Riding the Bicycle Will Give You Ample Exercise

Cars cause air pollution. In populated cities where many drive their own vehicles to work or to do errands, there are days when the air outside is not safe to inhale. 

Taking a bicycle to get around or, better yet, walking to your destination is better for the environment and for your health. It makes you physically active which can reduce your risks for certain illnesses, including heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, and some cancers. 

There are more benefits to adopting a green lifestyle. If done by everyone, it can rescue and protect the planet and ourselves from the threats of climate change.