Benefits Of Using External Storage



Everything involved in computing takes up memory. Whether it’s your personal photos, work documents, web files or the operating system itself, everything takes up room on your PC storage. Inevitably at some point you will run out of space. Instead of buying a new PC with a bigger RAM (Random Access Memory), work on your current model to make space for all the new data coming through.

Tools for external storage

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your method of external storage but the most popular options are revolving around USB sticks. Small and portable, these small gadgets allow you to store a pre-set amount of data on to one easy to use electronic stick. Most PCs, laptops and plug sockets now incorporate a USB port so there’s no shortage of access to your stored data. 

In addition to the USB sticks there are also other options like external hard drives which often boast a much larger amount of memory.

Why use external storage?

The main reason for using external storage, as mentioned before, is a lack of space on your existing device. Each file needs space so when the time comes it makes sense that you will need to move documents around to make them fit. You won’t want to delete every file you have so by having some external storage you’ll be able to keep your work and make some space on your device at the same time.

Another reason you may want to use external storage is to keep a backup version of your original files. Backups are essential for any important file or document that needs to be kept safe. Examples of files needing backups include old photographs, tax records, receipts or invoices for products with warranties and pretty much any file relating to your work or expenditure. 

What’s the point in having back up files?

A back up file has the same principle as having a spare key to the front door at home. If something should happen to the original, there’s still a way of accessing your data or belongings.

When it comes to duplicate files, all experts recommend that the backups are kept completely separate from the original file. That means on an entirely different device. This is down to the threat posed by hackers and potential cyber-attacks. If a hacker or a virus gets into your network there is a possibility that files may be corrupted, or you could be blocked out of your accounts altogether.

Many people don’t take the necessary precautions as they believe it won’t happen to them. But unfortunately, hackers do target everyone and anyone, so it’s always best to make sure you take heed and keep a second copy of any file you wouldn’t want to lose. In some instances, people even keep the duplicate records in a different location to ensure that a file is always kept out of harm’s way full stop.  

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