Best new tech for 2020: Mamba Electric Herb Grinder


The Mamba Grinder: The Best Grinder in the World?

The Mamba battery powered herb grinder is the latest and greatest in the world of herb grinders, and is set to take the grinding world by storm.  Grinders have followed a standard layout for quite some time now, and the Mamba is clearly blazing its own trail.

A powerful electric motor coupled to a precise gear train, the Mamba has the oomph to grind through any type of herb that the user wants to grind.  While it might even seem excessively powerful, a machine always performs better in the long-term when it is set-up strong from the beginning and the designers of the Mamba have taken this to heart.

At the end of the powertrain is an aluminum grinder with strong, aluminum teeth – no plastic here on this hand held electric grinder.  The teeth interlock to shred any herb, and a grate that leads to a cone allows the grinder to dispense perfectly ground herbs while in operation.  This is a major advantage over traditional hand-grinders: there is no need to disassemble the Mamba mid-grind to check on the herb’s consistency or to empty the grinder.  And because the Mamba’s grate allows only ground herbs of the right consistency to exit the grinder, a perfect grind can be obtained anytime with the Mamba.  This takes the guesswork out of grinding: just load the herbs and grind until completion.

The designers of the Mamba have clearly thought about loading herbs, because the Mamba features innovative loading compartments that allow the herbs to be easily loaded without making the grinding plates hard to put back together.  The Mamba can handle truly impressive quantities of herb in these compartments, and the unique teeth of the grinding plates allow for fast and clean emptying of the grinder.

The features mentioned above are enough to make this cone shaped herbal grinder an impressive new product, but what will likely thrill the user first is the way the grinder handles.  Well-balanced and made from quality materials, the Mamba feels great in the hand.  It is also one of the few grinders on the market that allows for true one-handed operation, which makes it accessible to any user.

This is something that cannot be emphasised enough: anyone can use the Mamba, and for a wide variety of herbs.  Most hand grinders and other electric grinders cannot be effectively used with only one hand and can make grinding a chore.  The Mamba electric grinder can be used with any hand size and activated with the thumb.

The thumb switch on the Mamba also allows for reverse and forward direction, which allows for quick and simple declogging of herbal jams.

The battery compartment in the Mamba has been located in the lower part of the handle, and does a great job balancing the weight of the all-aluminum grinding head.  The balance of the grinder allows for easy dispensing of herbs into whatever container is being used.

The Verdict: The Best New Grinder for 2020

With all of the innovative features listed above, the Mamba is certainly the best electric grinder on the market for 2020, outperforming any of its manual hand-operated competitors.  The perfect companion to your vaporizer or travel bag, the Mamba is the best option for herb grinding on the market today.

Simply put, the Mamba grinder solves problems that have plagued hand grinders and lesser electric grinders for years: too slow, messy, requires two hands, inconsistent grind, and low-quality construction.  The designers of the Mamba have set out to not just make a good grinder, but to make the best grinder available, and it is safe to say that they have succeeded.