Bitcoin advanced anonymization option


Bitcoin initially was created to be anonymous and producing privacy value was successfully achieved. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency wallets and growing the number of users, cryptocurrency transactions aren’t anonymous anymore. You have to care much about your crypto wallet to look for the best protective options with BitMix the leading Bitcoin mixer. Importance of leading digital protective options is paramount.

Why Bitcoin is suggested to be anonymous

People used to think that crypto transactions are safe and don’t want to believe that somebody could trace their data. This fact can cause many tremendous problems with Bitcoin assets in the future. So, why people think that cryptocurrency is anonymous:

  1. The main payment services and banking operations are tied with IP addresses and identities as well. You can create a cryptocurrency address at any comfortable time.
  2. Crypto transactions don’t require the identity details of the person. You don’t need to know some personal information from the recipient.
  3. The transaction information of cryptocurrency is straightforwardly dealing with special P2P network nodes that redirect IP addresses.

What can be used to handle the confidentiality issue

The ways that suggest Bitcoin transactions anonymity aren’t working anymore. Hackers are using blockchains to view data and share it with third parties. So, the crypto-wallets transactions become transparent with anyone who wants to get your personal details. Only responsible handling the crypto wallet can preserve your Bitcoin assets from tracking. The need for the coin blender tools is essential in order to clean Bitcoins and never make your transactions visible to the public in the future. The mixer is working in the way to mix your coins with other deposits so the hacking of IP addresses becomes impossible. After completion of the mixing procedure clean Bitcoins come back to the owner and total anonymity is achieved.