Black Mirror and Marketing


Who doesn’t love the famous series on Netflix, BLACK MIRROR?

Just as the name of the title, you can expect the unexpected. Black mirror has a unique touch in the episodes with the devices or equipments and social media that people use in a modern time or call it in the future which is really not that far away with the rapidly growing technologies. It also shows how this technology impacts the life of people. One of the reasons for the show’s popularity is the intriguing, imaginative and impactful concepts for each episode with a twist at the end, the characters struggle with the new technology they use. Ultimately, all of them become machines that work with the machines!  

Have you noticed the marketing ideas that they present to you?

The organisations that prefer the clients to purchase their merchandise advertise it and even supply a free demo so that they can use it, get an experience and then are compelled to buy it.

For example: In the “Black Museum” episode, we see that there exists a museum with the same name that has a lot of instruments that were development by a group of research teams to help the people from their miseries. The research and development department looks at people in distress and uses that opportunity to create something that seems unreal or call it futuristic and inclines people to use it.  

Another episode, ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ from season 1 shows how people are trapped in a mechanical world or more like when you are inside a social media world. Where it is necessary to watch advertisements and there are points instead of money just like in a game which is earned through mundane activities.

The main idea is to help the customers when they need or as they need. Ultimately, it is upon us how we use it!

There are many Marketing lessons to learn from this Show 

  1. “Arakangel 

In this, we see how an over-protective single mother implants a chip into the head of her daughter, so that she could track her and blur all too delicate contents. The daughter grows up in a monitored fashion but then the mother discovers her daughter could not control her emotions because she was too sensitive to the slightest issues and began to injure herself. This ultimately caused her own daughter to hurt her, as she withheld the truth from her daughter that she kept watching her secretly and even went to do stuff behind her back. 

Marketing lessson101 


 Always remain loyal to clients. There is no need to hide reality from people. Don’t over-protect your brand. Like the episode of Arakangel, it could cause harm later.

  1. Crocodile

A prominent architect and an investigator in the insurance industry both live their lives with their personal secrets. Yet eventually the insurance investigator learns the secret of the architect when she attempts to record the memory on the machine and gets into trouble. This has muses that human memories may not be available to others, that there is something important to our nature and to the smooth functioning of our communities, that we may have private memories formed by our emotions and feelings. 

#Marketing Lesson 102

              Secure the Data 

Both the parties must be loyal; the customer, and the company. Any information should be discreet and not for personal use. As in the “crocodile” episode, we can see how two women’s lives went down because of the personal details they received.

  1. Rachel, Jack and Ashley too

For the third episode of the 5th season, Miley Cyrus plays the lead role. Ashley O(Miley Cyrus) is a famous singer and everybody loves her. She creates an AI system doll which channels the personality of Ashley, offering aphorisms, dance moves, and makeovers. All her fans purchase the dolls and their sales hit a huge number.

#Marketing lesson 103

             Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing that focuses on using key personalities to push the message from your brand to the wider audience. Influencer marketing is used by many organisations nowadays to strike brand awareness, which can help in increasing their sales. 

  1. Smithereens and Rachel, Jack and Ashley too

In Smithereens, we see how the name ‘Smithereens’ was extremely popular. People working there were also considered popular and elite. The episode majorly addresses the culture of social media, more precisely the fascination of humanity with looking at their phones day in and day out. The app was loved by everyone so very much that they could not take their eyes off it. In the latter, we see the name Ashley too was enough for people to buy the doll, Ashley too. 

#Marketing Lesson 104


Branding helps to identify a product, and to distinguish it from other products and services. Branding is important because it not only gives consumers a memorable impression but it also enables your customers to know what to expect from your business.

  1. Nosedive

“Nosedive”, another episode, where we see ratings. The judgement from people for people is considered very important. Here, the people involved on an app rate every tiny interaction. The minute you see someone you can see their ranking as well that means you can judge how a person is doing through the ratings. They are considered citizens of second class if the ratings are weak. Finally she finds herself excluded and disliked by others.

#Marketing Lessons 105

             Quality Content

We live in a world similar to it where quality is considered very important. Ranking has become a vital part of life. How do we choose any movies or series we want to watch?

 By straight up checking its ratings?

 Hence, quality is important. The quality or authenticity of the content helps to attract the readers.

  1. Striking Vipers X

Two best friends played the video game ‘Striking Vipers X together during their younger times. After a few years, they get to play the new Virtual Reality version of it. As they play the latest edition of their favourite fighting game they discover an unexpected spark. They were pulled into the game by the upgraded video game format to actually feel all the sensations.

#Marketing Lesson 106

Updating Content 

Learn from the errors and enhance the product features or marketing strategies. When it comes to content, it’s more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd, but that doesn’t mean we just have to keep on making new, better content. Often, by revisiting and upgrading old content, we can really get great results. 

In everything you do, you need to think strategically and give a strategic outlook to your business. What are your tactics to breathe life into your marketing